This article first is written in June-July 2022, I may update it from time to time.

Update: 1
9 July 2022
Solution section

In the previous article, I talked about this image (message/warning) in brief. Now, I’m going to explain it in detail. In this chart, what happened in the Past is finished!, Present is happening, but the Future is what I’m going to focus on, to prepare yourself for these events. But I explain everything and I start from the past events (in this image) because all these events are connected somehow together.


Those who also are talking about these events and informing people, just explained these things, but, nobody gives people any solution. So, after explaining these events, I do my best to give you some ideas, solutions, or whatever I think may help to pass these events without panic. At the end of this article, I will talk about solutions.


  • İmpeachment 1

February 5, 2020

First impeachment of Donald Trump

  • Covid 19

December 2019

The first known case was identified in Wuhan, China

The Eyes Of Darkness, was written by Dean Koontz in 1981.
The Eye of Darkness, the name itself, should tell you enough!
Eye of Illuminaties, if you don’t know who illuminates are, read my article about illuminates.

Contagion, movie, 2011

End of Days, End of the World

Interesting name for a book about a global virus, huh?!

Also, The Simpsons, 1993, Season 4, EP 21, is another document!

  • Luckdown of Wuhan

23 Jan 2020

  • Beginning of the global pandemic

May 2020

  • Lockdown

April 2020

About half of the world’s population was under some form of lockdown, with more than 3.9 billion people in more than 90 countries or territories having been asked or ordered to stay at home by their governments.

  • BLM Riots (Black Lives Matter Riots)

May/June/July 2020

At the end of May, spurred on by a rash of racially charged events including those above, over 450 major protests were held in cities and towns across the United States and three continents. The breaking point was due primarily to the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

  • Mass Arson

I didn’t find anything special!!!, maybe an American friend can help me to fix this one. But I remember a mass arson happened in American jungles. I don’t know the exact date.

  • Mask Mandates

April-July 2020

The wearing of non-medical face masks in public to lessen the transmission of COVID-19 in the United States was first recommended by the CDC on April 3, 2020

  • Election (US Presidental Election)

November 2020

  • Capitol Protests

January 2021

On January 6, 2021, a mob of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump attacked the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Later I will write about how the writers and creators of  The Simpsons are predicting the future!!!

  • DC National Guard

January 2021

D.C. National Guard was activated on 6 January 2021 to assist federal law enforcement agencies after rioters supporting Donald Trump breached the Capitol Building during the joint session to certify the results of the 2020 United States presidential election.

  • Election Revision Proposal

March-May 2021

  • Mass Shooting

Date: end of 2021 or early 2022

There are a lot of mass shootings! But the main I guess, should be:

May 24, Uvalde, Texas, 22 Dead, 18 Injured, (40 Total)

Robb Elementary School shooting: An 18-year-old shot his grandmother at their home before driving to Robb Elementary School, where he entered the school unobstructed, barricading himself inside a classroom and fatally shooting twenty-one people, including nineteen children. Eighteen people in total were wounded. The shooter was eventually fatally shot by a Border Patrol officer, which was shot during the shootout.

It happened After Ukraine Incident, not before!

  • Ukraine Incident

February 2022

Russia invaded Ukraine

  • Major Cyber Attack (is happening)

Apri – July 2022

Many cyber-attacks are happening: Iran VS Israel (and vice versa), Russia, Ukraine against Russia, the UK, etc. In fact, this step is happening now and definitely is MAJOR.

  • Power Grid Down

June – July 2022 (Present)

  • Supply Shortage

(Present) Started!, is happening.

Food, Fuel, and other products.

  • Ammo Restriction

June – July 2022 (Present)

New 2022 gun laws in other states and cities:

Senate Bill 5078 prohibits the sale, attempted sale, manufacture, and distribution of “high-capacity” magazines (their definition is any magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition).

It’s very interesting the person who created the 2030 Unmasked image, wrote AMMO Restriction, not Gun Restriction.

  • QE (forever!)

I guess around August – September 2022

Quantitative easing (QE) is a monetary policy whereby a central bank purchases predetermined amounts of government bonds or other financial assets (e.g., municipal bonds, corporate bonds, stocks, etc.) in order to inject money into the economy to expand economic activity. Quantitative easing is an unconventional form of monetary policy, which is usually used when inflation is very low or negative, and when standard monetary policy instruments have become ineffective.

In simple language: Governments financially help people with food, fuel, etc.

  • Stimulus Check

I guess around September – October 2022

A stimulus check is a check sent to a taxpayer by the U.S. government. Stimulus checks are intended to stimulate the economy by providing consumers with some spending money. Taxpayers receive this money because it’s intended to boost consumption and drive revenue at retailers and manufacturers, spurring the economy.

  • Major Gun Restriction

I guess around October  – November 2022

I guess we should wait for some new Mass Shootings! Because this is how things work for illuminates, they, first created a mass, emotionally they play with people’s feelings to support their next step which is: then they do whatever they planned: disarming people. “Major Gun Restriction”. In the image, you see events “ Riots”, so, the purpose of disarming people is because of these riots.

  • UBI (Universal Basic Income)

I guess around January 2023

Does it need any explanation?!

Basic, just for basic needs, and you can only buy specific products from specific shops and markets. Governments will not give you cash! just a specific credit card to buy specific things.

  • Gun Restriction Protests

Around February – March 2023

  • Trumpism (Targeting)

Around April – May 2023

Protest of Trump supporters, and does Targeting means Terroring Trump?!

Well, The Simpsons predicted this one, years ago.

  • Covid 21

Around May – June 2023

This one will be a real and dangerous disease. Covid 19 was a fake disease, just they wanted to destroy people’s Pineal Gland, then they created a fake virus that didn’t exist, spread fear by media, then injected Mercure to people in the name of vaccination. Covid 21 will be a real disease. That’s all I can say. But don’t worry, I have the cure, TRUST ME.

  • Extended Lockdowns

Around July 2023

  • I ignore clear things, and jump on:
  • Quarantine Camps Established

Around October  – November 2023

Have you seen zombies movies?! Camps? Yeh, such camps will be established. I don’t know if it will be for infected people or for healthy people!

  • Again I ignore other things, and jump on:
  • IoT mass Surveillance

Spying on people’s activities, locations, payments, even there are possibilities to Eavesdropping devices’ microphones, streets cameras.

  • Again I ignore other things, and jump on:
  • WARS (welcome to the World War 3)

Several Internal wars and wars between countries.

  • ignore other things, and jump on:
  • CoVax Syndrom

Studies on long-term neurological effects of the Covid Vaccine

Zombie Effect? Is it possible the shortage of food, wars, riots, and vaccines all together turn people into cannibalism? And cannibalism turns people into Zombies?

  • ignore other things, and jump on:
  • The Last War

I guess it will be an Atomic and Chemical war, a big war. Because after this war, the next step is written on this image is: Food and Water Shortage. So, I guess anatomic war or chemical war will poison waters and foods (lands, jungles, farms, so on.)

  • Food and Water Shortage

Is simple, just an atomic war or a chemical war can poison all waters.

  • Major Fertility Decline
  • And the last is the Decentralized Internet

İt means countries or different areas will be discounted from the Global Internet. Why? Because the war destroys all power and communication centers and antennas, also it can happen because satellites will be destroyed. Or just governments prefer to keep people away from what is happening all around the world, and they will feed people whatever they want.

Ok, what we see in this image, ends here, around 2030.

I know what will happen next, but I’m not going to talk about it now. The main purpose of writing this article was and is to help and teach you WHAT TO DO before each step comes and effect you. I want you just to be ready and to be prepared for coming events.

As I said before, in the previous article, you should not be worried! I understand it’s hard or maybe funny to say “don’t worry” when there is the possibility of WW3, Zombies, and water and food shortages. I know, but, what you can do by being worried?! Nothing, being worried does not help. Just relax, and have fun! Because I know the end of this story is an amazing happy ending!

You may think or you are sure that I am crazy, ok. I write what I should write, I inform people, those who want to listen will listen, and those who think I am crazy, I wish them good luck!


I will update this list from time to time when I get some new ideas.

As a cashless society is going to happen, so please do not keep your money for the future! There will be not any money-based society in the future, even if there is %1 possibility to be, it will not be US Dollar!

  • Sell or downgrade whatever you no need, turn them to the cash because you need to buy some important things. Microwave devices, blender, mixer, iron, TV!, and whatever you can turn into cash, do it now. All you need is one mobile phone or a laptop (notebook). The rest of the digital or electric things are better to be sold. Expect a heater or fans. Sell whatever needs electricity to work, because in the future soon there will not be electricity and internet.
  • Buy at least one solar power supply.

Based on your budget you can find something good for having free of charge electricity source. You will appreciate me for this later. Also, buy a solar flashlight.

  • Learn how to create a homemade Water Filter. Then create one or two.
  • Learn how to plant and grow vegetables and greens, buy organic seeds, PH meter, pots, and whatever is needed. Produce your own products. Learn how to harvest, and take care of every step of growing vegetables at home. There are many videos on YouTube.

Buy a PH meter, and learn how to calibrate it. I suggest you have one digital + one paper PH meter.  When water is poisoned, a PH meter helps you to know if water is acidic (poison) or Alkaline (healthy).

Print this chart, acidic foods (low PH) make you sick, and Alkaline foods (high PH) are healthy and useful.

  • Useful vegetables and things to grow at home:

Tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, mushrooms, broccoli, mint, basil, coriander, and so on. Products that need less space, care, and watering.

  • Do not buy or have a Gun, it does not help or save you. Just it gives you negative power or hope. Gun will not protect you, it does make more problems. Rather than guns, protect your home entrance: doors and windows. By the way, in the hardest time, I strongly suggest you help others if they asked, welcome trustful and safe people at your place. Selfishness does not help. If you have a big family, educate them about teamwork, leadership, and listening to the leader(s).
  • Buy these things: (they will be your First Aid package)

Mineral sodium bicarbonate (for detoxifying water), sea salt (for detoxifying water, foods, and taking shower), Himalayan salt, turmeric (for detoxifying liver/body), ginger (for detoxifying liver/body), cinnamon, dried lavender, and sage (for detoxifying air), garlic powder, natural soap, charcoal (for detoxifying water), napkins and reusable and washable tissue (cloth, fabric, stuff). Buy several natural organic honey jars. Keep honey in a safe place, it’s not for eating, it’s for emergency cases if you are injured.

Do not buy any chemical first aids such as alcohol, drugs, medicines, etc. They are poisons, not cures.

  • Do not buy and store canned and packaged food, it does not help. Try to buy and store: Nuts such as: walnuts, almonds, raisins, dates, hazelnuts, black seeds, edible hemp deeds, and so on. Black Seeds are great to have, trust me.
  • Learn how to dry Lemon, Garlic, and fruits. Then do it, or buy and keep it in a dry place.
  • One more time I need to tell you these important things: Start learning to grow foods at your home (make a room for your indoor garden), and create a Water filtering.
  • Buy a Crystal Quartz necklace or a ring

Having crystal quartz with yourself protects you against demons. Trust me. Have one for the dark time which is coming! From time to time (every month), charge your crystal quartz under the Sunday sunlight, from morning to noon.

  • Have indoor plants

Have many dark green leaves indoor plants at your home, including Aloe Vera and Cactus. They will filter the air. You will need them when nuclear or a chemical war happened! Well, who knows, maybe you survived and it is your destiny to be survived. Nobody knows. If you closed all the air entrances to your home, then having indoor planets helps to filter the air, to have oxygen. Plants produce oxygen!

  • You should sell/buy the necessary things before the next locked-down (spring-summer 2023). These are the basic thing I could tell you, if something needed to be added, please comment under this post, and help each other. I will update this article and list from time to time.

    As I don’t know if I can pay or not for the next year for my host provider to keep this website online, I added a PDF version of this article to be downloaded and shared.

    Please download, share, and comment your thoughts.

    Stay in touch, I will write more, the First Chakrah, but still, I had no time to write about it, is the main, believe me, the first chakrah weaknesses are Fear, Worry, and Anger. Illuminates and Satanic worshippers, use the first chakrah which is easy to attack, to get and suck people’s energy into the way they want. Stay in touch, I have a lot to say, to write, to inform.

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