6.1 – Chakrahs – Dark and White Cores – Dark Core / White Energy

The universe is divided into 3 main parts:

1- Divine which is the main core of the universe, all, ALL existence, and whatever does not exist are under the main core’s control.

2- The White core that governs on Dark realm (white core inside the dark area) 6

3- The Dark core that governs on Light/White realm (Dark core inside the white area) 9

These two cores are under the Divine’s will as the main core. Non any of these two cores can do anything more than what they programmed and designed for.

at the center of the Universe is Divine, and you can see the shapes of 6 and 9 made by each pole, negative and positive poles.
This picture does not show what exactly the universe is, but it was the best and closest I found.


33 and 66 are holy numbers in Islam, we will talk about it later.

But 666 is Satanic (in Christianity and Islam too), why? Why does Illumities show 666?

666 = 6+6+6 = 18

1+8 = 9

And 9 is bad! Satan! Because 9 is the Dark Core inside the White realm. Because we have only 10 digits, 0 to 9, and after 9 we don’t have any digit, after 9 is again 1 and 0, which together they make 10.

9 means I am the bigger, larger, and that Last number! But again 1 and 0 come together to say no! (ok, we will talk about digits later)

I guess, the correct numbers of chakrahs sould be like this
our chakrahs are not floors of building to increase from down to up!

In the beginning, there was nothing. Zero/0/H/off
And God said: Let there be light. One/1/A/on

A core that left the main circle of Divine and became bad! (Satan turn to black, bad)

Why dark core left? Why the Dark core decided to be against Divine and Divine’s will? Does anything, any core, any pieces (alive or just things) can do and make any decision by him/herself, against Divine’s will?

Answer: what if Divine already GAVE SUCH PERMISSION to something or somebody?

And that permission is the permission of MAKING CHOICE.


A founder and the main owner of a company, hire and select someone to be as Head of the company. The founder gives permission and power and resources to the new person as the manager or head of the company, plus the permission of making some (limited) choices.

Why God created another core and gave him some choices and permissions to make decisions? Oh, mama! Wait, we will talk about this. God is not crazy, but IT HAD TO DO THIS. We will talk about it later.

More we go forward, more you will amaze, you may cry, you may laugh, you may disappoint, you may wonder, you may admire Divine.

I told you, this path is the path of Craziness.

How is it possible you know a lot of wisdom and logic of the Divine and universe and do not become amazed or crazy?!

Why Dark core is bad? What Dark core did? What does it do? Why religions told us Satan, the Dark core, is bad? What is the Temptation of Satan? What is Soul Selling in Satanic rituals?

Dark core is just a black hole, a vacuum! A circle that vacuums and sucks! human souls. Around this dark core, you will see a golden or white ring. This golden ring is made of millions or billions of Human souls, those who sold their souls to Satan. Satan uses this energy for itself. We will talk about all these and I will prove all these.

I didn’t find the exact picture that I wanted but accept this from me for now.
Why someone who is good in 3D, does not join and help me?!

I guess it’s not necessary to tell you Satan (Shaitan) is Saturn! By the way, I will prove it too, as always.

I guess it’s not necessary to show you many photos and images, you have seen and you can see these pictures mostly inside churches paintings, even in ancient civilizations showed us this golden ring around a person’s head.

In Islam, also they show Mohammad and other holy persons with golden rays behind their heads.

Mithraism / rays behind the head


The golden ring around or behind someone’s head means they touched and they reached one of the highest ranks in the Universe!!! Angelic Rank.

All  Angels have this ring around their head, but, Divine gave this position and rank to them. We humans, our rank was higher than Angels, we lost this ring when we came to this Solar system and planet earth. Why?

Saturn took it.

Not only Saturn, but all 12 planets also took something from our soal.

When a baby birth, I’m talking about the moment that the female ovum accepts and takes a male sperm, and it’s the beginning of creating another human. This acceptance happens by Divine will, wish, and order! WOW, yes, WOW!

At this moment, the Divine sends a soul to come inside the baby’s body. It takes 4 months for the new soul to cross the universe and come to the solar system.

12 planets, take something from this soul and they also give something to that soul. That’s why we have 12 zodiac signs and people who were born in each of these, they have different characteristics, based on which planet was and is governing and having the main role. Also, the position of other stars and planets has some roles.

Let’s leave this subject for later.

Saturn, Dark core inside the white area, white energy.

Saturn energy is Absolute Wisdom, someone who reaches this level in spirituality, he/she can do whatever God and Divine can do, just by saying it! Because God created the entire universe by words, by saying BE and it became. Do you remember my previous article about Words and Vibrations?

Saturn, Satan, Shaitan, is Temptation, temptation to stay in Satanic level, and don’t go further. Did you read the Jesus story when he had 40 days fasting, and on the day 40th, Satan came and tried to tempt him?

If a person STAY at this level, it means Saturn or Satan won, and if someone passes and crosses this level, he/she will meet Divine, again. Coming back to Divine. We are from the Divine and we will return to Divine. But, Saturn doesn’t want it to happen.

WTF? Saturn is a planet, how a planet has conciseness and make decisions?!

What do the Sun and the Moon as two planets do? Sun gives us energy, Vitamin D, sunray does a lot and affects almost every single plant, tree, animal, and human. You can make fire by sun rays and magnifier (zoom), Come on, go read and search. Moon? It has a main effect on all waters on the planet earth, and even on our bodies. Every single planet gives us somethings and also takes somethings from us, and even from each other (planets via planets).

Saturn, Dark core inside the white area, white energy.

White energy is whatever we created, all our deeds from 12000 years ago, even far past, to this day, this moment. Whatever a single person DOES, it goes and stays inside the white energy. We DID IT, DONE, CREATED IT.

A single word we say to any small movements, anything we create or destroy. A simple smile we put on someone’s face, to…. insulting someone. From planting a flower, feeding a dog, helping another person, or insulting yourself. All these actions are ENERGY.

We, humans, are very complicated (and very simple) creatures that we constantly are creating and destroying energies.

All in one, and conclusion: Dark core and White energy are BAD! Destructive.

I have to prove all these I said logically, so, I will.

For now, go and search about Selling Soul to Satan or Signers who sold their soul for fame and fortune on youtube, or watch this interview of Bob Dylon.

Bob Dylan FULL 60 Minutes Ed Bradley 2004 Interview.
If the video is deleted by YouTube, let me know, I already downloaded it for the emergency case!
Play it from the minute 14:14 and listen to what he says.

It’s not a fucking JOKE, it’s real. Yehhhh babe, wake up, before Illuminaties and Satanic groups eat your soul. And don’t be stupid to even think about selling your soul for money or becoming famous. Stay with me, I will inform you more, stay with Divine.

I tried my best to prove God, Divine, Dark core, and I will expose as much as I know, as I said before, I know a lot, A LOT. And I don’t afraid of anybody and anything, even I don’t afraid of the Divine! Why should I be afraid of someone who created me and blessed me?!

Most of the Hollywood actors and actresses and singers and TV and Media, and Presidents and most of the rich people became rich and famous by selling their souls or by dealing with Satanic groups to POISONING PEOPLE.

And poisoning means, don’t let people wake up.

But I’m here to wake up people as much as I can. Divine, Great Souls, and an Army of Angels are with me. Do you think I am crazy? Go and watch videos and search on the net, look at symbols and logos, look at sings, look at lyrics they wrote, what movies and what roles they played.

Later, I will teach you how to invoke (call) angels (for helps), or invite great souls (to have a real spiritual master), you will see them by your own eye, physical eyes, not 3rd eye, not dreams, not illusions. They are Real. And if you be more patient, I will teach you how to meet and see Divine! to receive unique bless.

Also, I will teach you how to protect yourself, your home, your place, and your family and loved one, from Satan and his army.

Stay with me, and don’t be afraid. Trust Divine. Divine is not only in churches or temples, Divine is within you, inside you.

By the way, did you recognize all I said was just an Introduction to Chakrahs?!