I want to tell you a story. Do you like stories?
(Holly Eather! how confident I am, with this level of English language, I want to write a story too!)

It’s about a lover man who sent a letter to his love, but something unexpected happens.
I guess I have to start it like this:

Once upon a time, was a lover man, he was living far from his fiance. He was in love with her and was faithful with her, never cheated on her. He was supporting his fiance, financially, taking care of everything even from far away. He decided to send a letter, full of love and sweet words, to tell his fiance about where he is and what he is doing and what’s his great plans for the future, and also some secrets. He wrote the letter and he sent it by DHL post service.

After a few days, a handsome postman appeared and delivered the letter to the lover man’s fiance. The postman knocked on the door, and she opened the door. Postman with a nice smile said Hi and told her this letter is from her loved one because I see on the package a heart. Postman was so happy because he was delivering a love letter.

She opened the letter and read it, yeh, it was full of nice words, promises, fairytales and great plans for their future. But, she was alone for a long time, she couldn’t wait for UNKOWN-FUTURE. When she saw the postman, she fall in love with him!!! His smile, his face, everything was lovely to her. The postman left, but the woman’s mind was full of his images, she fell in love with him! She ordered a neckless with the logo of Post service company, DHL! Even she bought a DHL shirt with this hope when the next time the postman comes, she shows her love to him in this way. Also, she decided never to use any other post services, only DHL!

The lover man, who had cameras inside the house, and he could watch everything remotely, saw everything, and became so sad, but still, he was in love with her. The only thing he said was:


Yep, it’s the same story of humans and God! Divine sent several massages to us, full of love, plans for the future, and so on. But we stupid, rather than falling in love with Divine, we fell in love with postmen! Shame on us! We cheated the Divine, didn’t we?

So, by this funny example and story, I wanted to say, I personally do respect all messengers, Prophet Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, Budha, Zoroaster, etc, but they all are just a messenger to me, not more. I tried to understand the letter, the MESSAGE, and I have my faith in the SENDER.

So, I’m not a Muslim, but I am, I’m not a Christian, but I am, I read all of Divine’s messages, and I try to understand and act and behave whatever he said, as much as I can. But I stay faithful ONLY with him. Because I’m not a BITCH!

PS: please get the point, and if in this story as an example I used a woman as a cheater, please don’t take it as gender or whatever.
PSS: I’m not sorry for using bad words, because I used them purposefully, the right word in the right place for expressing the right feelings.