Ukraine / Kyiv 2019

Soon, I’m going to start a complicated subject, which is CHAKRAHS. Before I start talking about Chakrahs, I have to tell you some things. This topic is somehow a complicated and massive subject. Maybe I need to explain it in many articles because I have to teach you slowly and step by step. I may refer to some previous articles, also I may leave some topics for later and … I guess, now you understood the way I explain things. I have to do this, because I want you to understand it very well. I don’t want to answer one of your questions but leave you with 100 new questions.

So, please respect the way I teach and explain, and please respect yourself and your time, and be patient. God is patient, all good things come for those who are patient. Hurrying is Satanic, Demonic and Negative. An apple tree does not give your fruit after 30 days you planted an apple seed in your garden, if it does, be sure it was chemical, not natural. No, it’s not a miracle too, God does not do stupid miracles!

Though for many topics, such as words and vibrations and chakrahs and aura I need to create 3D animations, but I go ahead by writing and using photos, until I made a movie.

Thank you

Another very important thing, please read it carefully:

I was born in Iran, I know my history, culture, and Farsi language, almost very well. As Persia (current Iran) was one of the oldest civilizations, I know about far past too. I know about ancient Persian religions, as well as Islam religion because now Iran is an Islamic country. As my father is Arab (Iranian-Arab), I know a bit of Arabic, and also I learned it because to read and understand Quran very well, not translated. As I lived 11 years in Ukraine, so I know about Eastern-Christianity (East of Europe, Ukraine, Russian, Syria, and some other countries which are Eastern-Christian, which from my view they are the oldest Christians. After awakening, the most favorite temple for meditation and spending time was Ukrainian Churches, of course, my first favorite place for meditation for me was and is when I am alone, at my home, or in nature. I also read Bible, the Old Testament, but in translated to English and Farsi, I don’t know the Hebrew language to read the original one. Also, I read and I know a bit about Zoroastrianism. And many scattered studies and researches about other religions, civilizations, and cultures. But, most of my knowledge is because of my daily MEDITATIONS, not reading and searching! also fastings!

So, what do I want to say? I want to say, in my future articles, I will talk more and give you more examples mostly about these, Islam, Quran, Prophet Mohammad, Christianity, Jesus, Bible (old and new Testaments), Persian civilization, and language.

If I was born in India, definitely I had more knowledge about those people, language, history, and culture, and most of my examples would be about that. Same if I was born in Sweden or Brazil. Is it clear now?

So, please remember it, I’m not going to TURN or CONVERT you from your religion to another religion. I am NOT ADVERTISING for any religion, even if I give many nice examples from a specific religion. I’m just sharing my knowledge, if you are open to new information to challenge and upgrade your beliefs, then welcome.

Once again, I have to tell you, and it will be the last time that I explain myself: I am an OMNIST, I am a Sufi, a Darvish, someone who respects and worship only DIVINE, God, the Main Core of the Universe. All other religions and prophets, messengers, are respectful to me. Read my previous article if you didn’t.

By the way, we agreed! that you follow to read my articles from the first one and go ahead one by one.

Thank you again for not judging me and not putting any label on me, thank you for being non-biased and free from all prejudice and favoritism.