We understood what truly AH is, as a crown chakrah chant. It’s time to explain the next chant, the next chakrah: Third Eye chant is OM

What OM is? What does it mean? What does it do?

As I explained before, AH, is equal to I, 1 (one), and On (Please read previous articles if you didn’t yet)

OM, has its own vibration and frequency, and chanting and saying OM does different things in your brain.

Christians, after praying, they say AMIN

Iranian say: Be Omid e Khoda (Khod AH, I explained it before)

Muslims and Arabs say the same: Amin / Insha Allah

In Islam, when a prayer wants to ask God something, they say ALLAHOMA … then they say what they want: give me this, give me that, or whatever. ALLAH Oma

Now, please leave this page, go and read the article that I listed names of God of all religions and civilizations. How many HO or HU or UM or OM you will see?

Hámn, Lahamu, Ahura Mazda, Nahuatl, Ahul, Yahoo, etc.

Go and read one more time, right now, then come back and continue reading this page.

When you say OM, of course not short OM but OOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM, you make vibrations, great vibrations that motivate your pineal gland to release Melatonin. As I said before, AAAAAHHHHH chanting helps your pineal gland to release Seratonin. And the combination of Melatonin and Seratonin is DMT.

AH is Male energy, AH is equal 1, and OM is female energy 0 zero. Same as male and female sexual organs. 1 looks like a penis and 0 looks like a vagina.

Hey, trust me, I’m not telling you bullshit! it may seem so funny to you because nobody explained these in the honest way I’m explaining. Because THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THESE. Why? Because then you will know how to change your life, how to get whatever you want, …. it’s crazy knowledge, because wisdom is equal to power, and THEY don’t want you to get power. Why? Well, wait please, it’s looooooooong story. Do you want to know? Do you want me to tell you all I know? Ok, then, be patient and stay with me, and if you can help me, to continue exposing all I know.

AH is 1, I, me, male, father, pattern, on, positive pole, electricity, LIGHT, white, acid, selfishness, asking, taking, owning, destructive, WAR

OM is 0 (zero), am, all, female, mother, matter, off, negative pole, DARK, black, magnetic, alkaline, humbleness, serving others, sending, giving, constructive, LOVE

Most of stupid spiritual pages and websites and gurus! they told us Dark energy is bad and destructive, and white is good and constructive. But, I will prove to you, THEY fooled us by changing the basic knowledge and information of everything. If you want to destroy something, attack to the root! That’s what THEY did. Who are THEY? wait, I will tell you soon.

Do you know in the Arabic language, they say to Mother, OM?  Yes, just OM, means Mother.

In English, we say Mother (later I will tell you why in Latin-based languages everything reversed!) In Farsi (Persian) we say MAdar.

AH OM = I AM = 1 0 (one, zero. Not 10 (ten))

What’s the language of computer? Zero and One (that’s why they named it IO sys)

Send / Receive, On / Off


The language of the Universe is 0 1

But, what’s the language of Divine as the main core of the universe? SILENCE

What I am going to teach you soon is priceless 😊

Please listen to this, OM chanting by Tibetian monk

and this one is Christian Medival chant (Latin)

As it’s not necessary to show you many documents about OM chanting, I ask you to do your own research, just go to YouTube and search OM chanting. Indian (Hindu), Native Americans, Latin, Georgians, Medival, Tibetian, … you will find a lot.

I will PROVE all these one by one, I never ever say something without proving logically and scientifically.

Also in the future soon I will teach you how to chant, when you should chant, where you should chant, how to get whatever you want, and many crazy lovely things! Let’s walk slowly and step by step.