How to detoxify your body & protect your home against negative energy

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to detoxify your body and your place (home/shop/so on), against poisons and against dark energy.

As this post is for an emergency, for those who trust me, then I’m not going to spend time proving scientifically! Later, I’ll post another article(s) about detoxifying different Chakrahs and different parts of the body, in detail, and by proving.

How to detoxify your body against Vaccine (Covid 19 vaccine)

Covid19 vaccines are in fact the disease, not the cure! They (illuminates) created a fake sickness (covid 19 virus), to vaccinate people with a liquid that contains MERCURY.


To destroy people’s pineal gland. What is the pineal gland and what it does? Read my first article. No more explaining in this article. As I said, I will explain these things in detail, later. Now, accept and consider this post as Emergency Detoxifying.

So, what is against Mercury?


To remove the effects of mercury poison inside your blood and body, do this:

Take a piece of gold (earring, ring, coin, whatever you have at home, any K, 24K, 18K, … any)

I use my neckless, which is 24K gold, and the chain is 12K gold.

You no need to wash the gold with any chemical liquid. Simply wash the gold with water.

Put the god into a glass jar, (no plastic or metallic jar, clear glass),

Fill the jar with clean drinkable water

Cover the jar with another ceramic or glass-made plate or dish. Remember, not any metallic or plastic made container or plate.

Do it early morning, after sunrise, cover the jar or cup with a plate or dish, leave it under the sunlight, near the window, at your balcony, wherever. Then before the sunset drink the water. Repeat this for minimum 30 days, and max 40 days. Too much gold water is not good either. When your 40 days are finished, then do this only every Sunday. Early morning fill the cup, let it be under the sun, then before the sunset drink the water.

You can boil the water first, or you can also add 1/10 teaspoon mineral baking soda, or you can use normal water, but not cold water.

How to detoxify your liver:

The liver is your body’s immune system.

  • The best is, Fasting (Sundays, from sunrise to sunset don’t eat and drink anything at all)
  • Sun Ray, take the sunray as much as you can. Do not wear sunglasses.
  • Chewing and Eat: Raw Garlic / Raw Purple Onion (great antibacterial)
  • Gold water is great.
  • Ginger tea (or a 1/3 teaspoon ginger in hot water) (a great antioxidant)
  • Turmeric tea (or a 1/3 teaspoon turmeric in hot water) (a great antioxidant)
  • Hot water + Lemon
  • Honey (natural honey from farms or mountains. Do not buy factory-made)
  • Eating a few seeds of Peganum Harmala and Black Seed (few means 1/10 teaspoon)
  • Drinking homemade Apple Cider Vinegar (a spoon before you sleep)

Remember, always, first, fill hot water into your cup then add lemon or tea or honey! Do not fill hot boiling water on your tea or product directly. And when I say hot water, it means BOILING water. First, boil the water, then fill your cup, then wait one or two minutes, then add ginger, lemon, or whatever you want. Filling boiling water on natural products such as lemon or honey will change them to poison!

All yellow fruits are good for detoxifying the liver. (Banana, Yellow Apple, Lemon, so on, all yellow natural products)

Mineral Baking Soda (natural bicarbonate sodium). Add a teaspoon of baking soda into your water container (1 teaspoon in 6 liters (1.5 Gallon))

Sea Salt (for talking bath or shower by sea salt)

Sunday is a great day for detoxifying the liver.

Eating foods and products contain: Iron, Zinc, Copper

Wash your back and sole of your feet with natural cleaning material or brush, they are two places usually people don’t clean very well. Negative energy enters into our body from our backside, and feet. Take it very seriously.

Enemies of the liver:

  • Heavy metals: Lead, Mercury, Aluminum
  • Fluoride (toothpaste, water, fluoride lamps, etc.)
  • Alcohol (except homemade red wine)
  • Table Salt
  • White Sugar
  • Yolk (eggs)
  • all factory-made products
  • Wi-Fi, Mobile/TV, and such radiations
  • Cooking Oils
  • Butter
  • All milky products
  • All colas and energizer drinks
  • Microwave cooking devices
  • Meat cooked by oil
  • Chips and such things
  • Street Foods / Fast Foods
  • Stupid People
  • TVs, News, Shows, Instagram, Facebook, and social media in general
  • All chemical washing and cleaning liquids (Shampoo, Soap, etc.)

Later, I will explain more, in another article.


If you can, please Fast. Fasting is great for detoxifying the liver, and the liver is your health, physical health. The liver’s job in our body is detoxifying the poisons we enter into our body. By touching things, by breathing, by eating, even by talking (breathing), different kinds of bacteria enter into our body. Bactria goes into our blood; bad bacteria can damage our health. The liver’s job is to detoxify blood from bad bacteria.  When the amount of entered bad bacteria is more than the liver capacity, then the liver first becomes larger and larger, to detoxify more poisons. But when the liver stopped becoming larger, then it sends poisons into the Gallbladder, and when the gallbladder became full of poison, the liver can not do anything but leave poisons to be in the blood. As the blood circulates all around our body, poisons travel everywhere and damage different organs and parts. Maybe eyes, maybe ear, maybe skin, maybe hair, maybe lungs, maybe heart, maybe brain, … poisons travel everywhere, EVERYWHERE, because all our organs need oxygen inside the blood, so blood has to travel everywhere!. Poisons and bad Bacteria inside our blood are the main cause of all sicknesses, diseases, illnesses, cancers, etc. Why I’m explaining everything to you in such a way I’m talking to a 12 years old kid????!!!! Really you don’t know such simple things?????

They call it LIVER because our LIFE and being ALIVE depends on this organ. Give your liver some rest.

Do fasting, do not put too much garbage into your stomach. At least once per week fast. From sunrise to sunset don’t eat and drink and smoke. It is too much?????? Sundays, fast.

After sunset, open your fast with a cup of hot water and lemon. And then eat something light, such as soup. Do not open your fast with heavy meat, do not eat too much, and after opening your fast, again do not continue your old garbage-eating lifestyle. Change your lifestyle.

If you can not fast every Sunday, then try to eat as minimal as possible. Eat and drink whatever I said is good for detoxifying the liver.

If where you live, Sunday is not a working day (off-day), then fast and sleep till sunset.

How to detoxify your home from bad energies:

  • Clean corner of your home walls from spiders’ web
  • Cleaning your home with Backing Soda + Water
  • Cleaning your home with Sea Salt + Water (especially WC and Bathroom)
  • Burning Peganum Harmala (ref) is great for detoxifying your home or place.
  • Burning Black Seed
  • Burning Sage
  • Burning dry Lavender
  • Washing your dresses by adding Backing Soda
  • Opening windows/doors open during day time
  • Having plants at home and sleeping room
  • Disconnecting Wi-Fi at nights or a few hours per day
  • Putting your mobile (cell phone) on Airplane mode when you sleep
  • Keeping your mobile far from your body and head when you sleep
  • Burning any natural incense
  • Lighting a natural bee wax candle
  • Not using any chemical air refresher or perfume
  • Using natural incense oils as a perfume on your body
  • Leaving shoes out of the room/home
  • Do not invite any bad-energy-person into your home
  • Use metallic eastern-Asian wind chimes at the entrance of your home/shop
  • Coconut oil (for eating or for massaging body)
  • Black seed oil (for massaging body)
  • Open curtains during the day, and let sunlight come into your home/room/place.
  • Keep your home warm and dry (wet and darkness are great conditions for negative energy)
  • Don’t allow garbage bins to become full and rise bad smell, take the garbage out.
  • Play nice music at your home/place. Bad music attracts bad energy. Don’t say bad words at your place.

Attention: never mix backing soda with any other liquids or powders, only baking soda + water. Never mix it with Salt or Cider Vinegar. Until it’s necessary, I will tell you when and for what purpose.

Use metallic eastern-Asian wind chimes at the entrance of your home/shop

Chart of Hight Alkaline foods

Try to use more products with PH 8, 9, 10. And stop eating and using below 7PH. Acidic foods and products damage your health. Turning your body aura from Acidic to Alkaline will protect you against dark energy, demons, devils, and all kind of low-frequency entities, even bad humans.

This post is just an introduction! as an emergency for now, please print it or take a note. Nobody knows when exactly WWIII will start, nobody knows when electricity and internet will cut off, so, please print my articles, before it’s later and before you become sorry! I will write more. Share this article with your friends.