Chakrahs – Intorduction

Do you remember the first article? Kundalini, Ancient Civilizations and Pyramids, in that article we saw everywhere one or two snakes turned around each other or around a column 7 times.

As these 7 chakrahs are not possible to be seen by our eyes, as it’s not possible to prove it by radiography or x-ray images, so I need to come back to the ancient symbols and religions.

But, remember that these ancient civilizations and religious symbols helped us to discover some facts, till now: AH, OM, Pineal Gland, and Kundalini Energy

I promise we will have deep discovery on all of these again, several times, and we will prove all the scientifically. By physics, chemistry, mathematics, and so on. I promise.

We have seen photos and images on the internet that show us chakrahs, as well as dark and white energies, govern us, but, almost most of them are wrong and most of them are copy-pasting from each other, without thinking!

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen on many pages and websites, they think and they said we have 7 main chakrahs, but in fact, we have 8 main chakrahs. Erath chakrah that most of the people never mentioned.

As most of the stupid people just show Chakrahs on the front side, I have to show you the correct position of chakrahs and black and white core and energies. I hope soon I can show all these in 3D movie series.


This circle we are inside in, called AURA, and its size changes, based on our behaviors, and thoughts. We will talk about it.  Ahura? AH UM RA? We will talk about it too. Be patience.

chakrahs and cores genders (energies) Male/Female
By the way, I will explain this more, because some of these chakrahs change the genders in some conditions!

White energy and Dark core are behind us, experiences, knowledge, whatever we did, we created, we know, memories, past, so on. EGO

Dark energy (matter) is in front of us, unknown things and knowledge, what we didn’t do yet, possibilities, future, so on. Forgiveness, Ignoring, let it go!

We are inside an electromagnetic field like this, somehow.

Not like this!

Have this information, for now, this is just an introduction! We will go so deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside this topic. In the future soon, we will talk about how energy moves inside our body, organs, and chakrahs, and what they do.