I found something very interesting that it seems nobody discovered before!!! (I’m kidding, I guess many knew and know it, but they don’t want all people to know it too, but not me, I love to share all these secrets and truths with others, so enjoy the first-hand information!)

During my spiritual journey, at the very beginning, I discovered something interesting that proves all these ancient civilizations and religions are talking about ONE thing, and that one thing is DIVINE. The main core of the universe which created everything, they call it GOD.

But, as we know, people and nations, call the MAIN God by different words. I draw your attention to the main God’s name of ancient civilizations and religions:


Mithraic mysteries, Mithra

Mith or Myth means Mystery

MysteryRa? Is the RA, here, the same Egyptian God, RA? (God of Gods)

Mist means Fog, something which is not clear and you can not see things clearly through it.
Mystery means Secret, Enigma, Puzzle.
Myth means Legend, Tale, Fable, Fiction, Mythos

Mithraism appears in Persia and from ancient Persia moved to ancient Greece and Rome, and later to India. Roman and Greeks, translated this name from Persian to Latin. In Persian, it is called The Legend of AH

Also, in Persian, this God named Mehr (Love), and, an All-Seeing Protector of Truth

The Legend of AH, Mystery AH?

Mithraism had only one God, and it was called AH

Mesopotamians (Sumerians, Akkadians, Hurrians, Babylonians)

Ninmah, Nirah , AtraHasis, Lahamu, Ea, Hur, An, Anu

Nirah was identified with snakes!

An (in Sumerian), later known as Anu (in Akkadian), was the supreme God and “prime mover in creation”.


Ptah, Hapi, Hathor, Maahes, Akmun-Ra (RA, which I believe the correct pronunciation is RAH), another name of Ra is Hámmōn (mmōn)



Yahweh,Yah, HaShem, Shekhinah, Elah, Elah Elahin (God of gods), Elah-avahati (God of my fathers), Ehyeh asher ehyeh (Ahyah asher ahyah means I Am that I Am), Yahweh Elohim, Yahshua, Yahoo, Messiah

Torah is the name of a Jewish book. And Surah is each chapter of the Quran in Islam.


Zoroastrians believe that there is one universal, transcendent, all-good, and uncreated supreme creator deity, Ahura Mazda, or the “Wise Lord” (Ahura meaning “Lord” and Mazda meaning “Wisdom”).

Ahura Mazda

Nowadays, most Iranian people don’t use the Ahura Mazda word, but Khoda. The correct word is Khodah, Khod means Self and Ah is AH!, Self-Ah

There are few people that use Khodah

Anahita (or Nahid) was a goddess

Artaxerxes II’s (was King of Kings of the Achaemenid Empire from 405/4 BC to 358 BC) devotion to Anahita is most apparent in his inscriptions, where her name appears directly after that of Ahura Mazda and before that of Mithra. Artaxerxes’ inscription at Susa reads: “By the will of Ahura Mazda, Anahita, and Mithra I built this palace. May Ahura Mazda, Anahita, and Mithra protect me from all evil”.

We see three names here: Ahura Mazda, Anahita, and Mithrah.

Khosrow II (r. 590 to 628). The king (center) receives the ring of kingship from Mithra (right). On the left, apparently sanctifying the investiture, stands a female figure generally assumed to be Anahita.


Romans had a lot of Gods and Goddess the same as Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, and Mesopotamians.

I didn’t find any God, close to the ONE as Divine, only this: Janus, was a two-faced god of Roman mythology who kept the gate of Heaven. He was the god of beginnings and ends.


Aether, the God of light and the upper atmosphere. (we will talk about it later)


Nahuatl, aztecah (means people from Aztlan)



Kinich Ahau, Ahaw Kin, Ah Muzen Cab, Hun Hunahpu

Native Americans

Wahanda – Great spirit and creator god






Ha Wen Neyu – The great spirit

Hahgwehdiyu – A creator god

Hawgwehdaetgah – A creator god





Brahma (The Creator)

Baha’i faith



Yahoo, Hoo, Hu, Allah




Allah, Allahom, Elahi



Sahasrara, and the chant for crown and highest chakrah is AH

Ok, now it’s time for a great discovery for you!

Judah means AH of Jud

Jude / Judas means Praised / Praiseworthy

Judah means Praiseworthy AH

Messiah means AH of Massi

The word Massi comes from Arabic/Hebrew and originally from Aramic language Masah

And it means: Clean, Wipe, Delete

MassiAH means Clean AH

Allah, Al has the same meaning as THE in English:

(Alketab = The Book / Ketab = Book), (Alasrar = The Secret / Asrar = Secret), and so on.

Al, in the Arabic language, is equal to The in English, THE is used to refer to specific or particular nouns; THE = definite article.

Allah means The AH

There are two L in Allah, I will talk about it later. You will understand why there is an extra L in AllAh. Trust me, be patient, take a rest if you or your brain is tired, then read later.

Aramaic-based languages such as Farsi (Persian), Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto, Urdu, Sindhi, and some other languages are written from right to left.

Languages are written in Latin, Cyrillic, (Modern) Greek, Indic, and Southeast Asian scripts are left-to-right. Example languages include the modern languages of the Americas, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia.

Ideographic languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) are more flexible in their writing direction. They are generally written left-to-right, or vertically top-to-bottom (with the vertical lines proceeding from right to left). However, they are occasionally written right to left.

AH in Farsi and Arabic wrote like this: آه

What do you see? A mosque? or an AH in Farsi and Arabic? آه

What do you see here? What’s the shape of a pyramid? A
and what do you see at the entrance of the temple? H


You forgot to Thank Me! for this discovery!
You are very welcome!, not at all, don’t mention it.

Now be more focused and patient, I will tell you more.

Why A in English looks like a triangle but in Arabic and Farsi looks like a vertical line I ?

Why H in English is two vertical lines with a horizon line in the middle?  I-I

Why H in Arabic and Farsi looks like a circle O? ه

That’s a very crazy subject, which I’m not going to talk about it NOW because first I need to prove more crazy things. If I talk about these differences and what shapes they are, you may think I am absolutely crazy! So, please, I will talk about all the small subjects AT THE CORRECT PLACE and PROPER TIME for you.

Trust me

Do you know all pyramids of Egypt and other pyramids around the world, also they had obelisks near the pyramids? Other nations took (stole) obelisks from Egypt to their own lands. Prove?

over 3.000 years old, carved to stand either side of the portal of the Luxor Temple in the reign of Ramesses II (c. 1250 BC) moved to Paris, France

They are all ORIGINAL ancient Egyptian obelisks, one of them in VATICAN????

Washington DC / USA

If you search, you will find more, mostly they took it to Europe: England, France, Italy, and so on. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_obelisks_in_Rome

What this AH is?

Why do all nations and religions call The Main Creator, AH?

Why in Kundalini meditation, the chant of the crown chakrah is also AH?

The night my Kundalini awakened, after several strange things happened to me that I will explain to you later, something like ETHER came out of my mouth, when it was going out, I said AAAAHHHHH, without my willpower.

I’m sure I can call it Ether because later I understood that the Kundalini energy is in fact Ether. Extract juice of Divine (God, The Main Creator) is inside our body.

Is that why God said in Bible and Quran: I made Humans the same as myself!? Is God, Ether?! How is it possible?! Do you remember what was the main God of the Greeks? Aether ! An Ether?!

Oh, My Holly Ether!!!

We will come back to this subject again because I HAVE TO explain other related things first. I know it seems stupid or crazy, talking about a subject, leave it in the middle, start another topic, leave it again, come back to another topic, and so on.

I understand your feelings, but, I HAVE TO

I can not explain one topic completely because definitely, you will not understand it, so I have to CONNECT ALL DOTS little by little!

History was very clear, but those who don’t want people to know these made it foggy and mysterious because people should NOT know these secrets. Why? Because if you KNOW, then you have POWER too. Knowledge is Power.

And Wisdom is Ultimate Power. Well, later on, you will understand even they don’t afraid of your wisdom because they can buy you! They are afraid of something more powerful than Wisdom, and that’s …. later you will know.

Trust me Please.

Proving all these is not easy, nobody did it before, and I’m doing this alone!

Did I prove to you that AH is the secret name of the Main God of all religions, civilizations, and beliefs?

I’m going to tell you more crazy things, such as:
A is 1 (one/on) and H is 0 (zero/off)

Stay with me