About me

I don’t want to be famous nor I’m afraid of exposing who I am! Just I don’t want you to feel and think what I am doing here is because MYSELF. I prefer to do my job in silence! But, if you really curious to know who is behind this website:

My name is Mohammad Reza, born 21 July 1976, Iran (I don’t afraid of exposing all my personal details). I was a person like all other sleepers, until one night of my life, which I like to call it Holy Night!, I selected to be awakened.

Let me tell you what a person I was before awakening: 50-50 (as most of my friends and my mom described me like this) 50% good, 50% bad. 50% nice, supportive, helpful, honest, and constructive, 50% monster and destructive! I was very emotional (as a Cancer zodiac born), losing anger quickly, telling bad words and damaging people, drinking alcohol (sometimes), taking and keeping bad moments for days and even weeks, not a believer in God and religions at all. But I was believing in something as a Creator, energies, feelings, etc. But I wasn’t a real believer.

Until, after 6 years of ups and downs living in Ukraine, on one of the nights of July 2016, a few days after my 40th birthday, and after 30 days of soft fasting (drinking only green tea and dates, just a few per day), my Kundalini is awakened, and it opened my chakrahs, then 3rd eye and then the craziest and painful part was opening my crown chakrah. The craziest night in my life! You have no idea what I’m talking about. Only those whom their Kundalini awakened understand me and my feelings. I will explain that night in detail by images I made, in another post.

Me beofer awakening!

After awakening!

So, these two photos are enough to show you that I wasn’t a holly person! I was a very funny guy living my ordinary life! Now, after awakening, still I am a funny guy! Just now I am a believer and a Light Worker, believing in the Divine and all crazy things she created.

Since awakening, I faced the DOWNEST possible level of humanity and life. jobless, homeless, I lost my family, humiliated by many people, without money, food, cigarette!, Oh … you have no idea what I am talking about, and I don’t want and I can not write here everything that happened to me after awakening. Simply because words are weak to describe what moments I had and I passed, because you will not understand, and those who understand me, why I should tell them somethings that they already faced.  Later, I understood the down-level I faced after awakening, it was necessary to kill my ego and it was a test! from Divine. No pain no gain!, and the rewards a person can receive from the Divine depend on how low level the person can go and still stay with Divine.

I have to make my story short, until, maybe one day, I will write a book, or make a movie!

I created this website (the first version) in 2017, immortaldivine.com registered, and was born! Four years later, I had to stop the website, because I had no money to pay for hosting and other services to keep the website online. And honestly, nobody helped me, not a single visitor nor those I helped through the website. Well, that’s ok. Because now I understand what is the real meaning of the Divine Timing.

Then, in 2021, God sent me an Angle, a person, who generously spent a lot of money, energy, and love, to bring this website back, even better than it was. Now, we have a bigger plan, first to turn back this website with all new information and then write a book, make movies, and even more. To inform many others, to connect all awakened and lightworkers together, and to be nice Lights in this temporary earthy life we live for now.

It was my story in the shortest possible way I could tell you.

In the end, all I can say is, before that crazy night I awakened, sometimes I was asking myself WHO AM I? and after that night, I ask myself: WHAT AM I. I know many things now, and every night or day when I meditate, I learn and receive something new. I know from the beginning to the end as a big picture, details come to me slowly. The only thing I don’t know and I’m sure I never ever will know is: Where or What is the Divine came or made from? Nothingness?! Evrythingness?!

A question that I ask Divine, time to time, is: Who You Are! and she always replies: AH, AHA! HA HA HA, OOOMMM. The main core of the universe that understands, listens, sees, makes decisions, creates, and destroys. A light, which was alive and will be alive forever and ever and ever. The human brain never ever understands this.

Divine Bless All