Predicting the future?

A few days after the Russia-Ukraine war, a friend sent me this image. Well, it didn’t surprise me! I already knew the next 20 years will be full of ups and down! But, not in detail. Here I can see details, and after the Ukraine war, the rest of the events are happening.

Why I’m posting this? I want to inform you before shit happens, how to protect yourself and your loved ones. To be ready and prepare yourself for hard times.

If whatever is written on this image will happen or not, I don’t know, just have it, if a few things written happened, then TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, take the rest seriously. It’s up to you and your own risk! and responsibility to take it seriously, or laugh at it as another Conspiracy Theory!

I tried to add dates to events already happened.

Now we are here: Major Cyber Attacks and the next is Power Grid Down!


It all happened in June and July. So, it seems the next is Power Grid Down. Then Supply Shortage and then Amo Restrictions.

If all other things happened one by one, before Covid 21 (which will appear around summer 2023, after FIFA World Cup Qatar), then the REST also are going to happen!

This is just a short article to warn and inform you. I personally do believe in these events. Even I know some things MORE CRAZY (but very good news, not a bad one). In the next article, I’m going to explain what you need, what you should buy, and what you should sell, and I’m going to teach you as much as I know about how to protect yourself and your family from coming hard events and situations. I need to spend enough time on the next article, so please stay in touch.

Three main steps and events are: covid 21 / Co Vax Syndrome / Food and Water Shortage

Hey, hey, don’t panic! Don’t worry! It will be fun! Trust me. No need to worry, because it’s exactly what illuminates want you to be, to be WORRY. SO, don’t worry, trust in God, in the Divine, suppose I am a messenger from the Divine to inform and teach lightworkers and believers about how to pass these events.

 This is a WAR, this war started from The Beginning of creation, before the creation of humans. The war between Demons and Darkworkers VS Angels and Lightworkers.

Relax, wait for the next article.

By the way, share this one, just inform people, but never ever discuss with anybody to prove anything, keep your energy for coming events.