Mithraism, a mysterious secret religion, is not a secret anymore. Decoded!

Mithraism - Mithra, a Goodness of Wisdom, she was born in the middle of a Louts flower, and a snake turned around her body 7 times.

Mithraism was one of the oldest religions in the world, as I briefly wrote about it before, it seems Mithraism is the fundamental structure of other religions.

Here, I don’t want to give you some historical facts and whatever remained from Mithraism temples or symbols. Here I would like to share with you my personal feelings! and my personal opinion about the word “Mithra”. At down, I analyze this word in different possible surface, sound, and meanings.

Mist means Fog, something which is not clear and you can not see things clearly through it.
Mystery means Secret, Enigma, Puzzle.
Myth means Legend, Tale, Fable, Fiction, Mythos

From my view, I think (I feel), Mithra is not the correct name, in fact it was and it should be Mithrah, and the correct word of Mithrah is Myth AH.

Mithraism appears on Persia (currently Iran), and from ancient Persia moved to India and to the ancient Greece and Rome. Roman and Greeks, they translated this name from Persian to Latin. In Persian, it was The Legend of AH (افسانه آه), the same AH we see in all other religions and civilizations’ believes. I talked about it before on History of Kundalini.

Mithra is a female name, was the Goodness of Wisdom, she was born in the middle of a Louts flower!, and a snake turned around her body 7 times! These codes are Kundalini symbols!

Why Roman and Greeks they changed the name of Myth AH to Mithra? What a stupid question! Of course because this AH should be stay Mysterious! So, they changed it to make it more mysterious to be out of access of ordinary people. That’s why they created secret brotherhood groups, and then religions crated by some wise persons by using The Legend of AH or The Mystery of AH. In another article I proved that Kundalini’s AH is God’s secret name in all religions, believes and civilizations.

AH is the chant of the Crown chakra in Kundalini. Opening the crown chakra is nothing but activating more percentage of your brain function and capacity, and getting information from the Divine, directly. That’s why Kings had and have a crown. I’m not going to talk about Symbols anymore, because I’m really tired of them!

Just I would like to share my view about the truth behind one of the mysterious religion in the world, which later on became the basis of other religions.

Wake up; close your real eyes to the reality and open your 3rd eye to the truth; change your believes; active your brain; disconnect yourself from TVs, Books, Universities, Social Networks, and connect yourself to the God.

God Bless You.