What is Kundalini?

kundalini energy

Kundalini Energy

Short Brief about Kundalini & 3rd eye

Kundalini is an energy from Divine.
For about 12000 years, it has been kept as a secret, and it was not accessible for all people. Now, “it is the time of awakening“, you will understand this word soon.

Kundalini energy is located inside our body, but it is slept in majority of people. When you awake it, she helps you to balance your body, your soul, & your character. Also this energy gives you more magical powers!

Kundalini awakening will:

  • Balances your character
  • Removes your fears
  • Improves your health by healing your body
  • You can also heal others
  • It gives you unconditional love
  • Gives you good  and better speaking ability
  • Helps you to opens your 3rd eye (activates the Pineal Gland / gives you Wisdom & Creativity)
  • It activates more % of your brain (it connects you to the Divine / Immortality)
  • Improves your memory
  • & it gives you much more magical & mysterious powers, beyond your imaginations!

Kundalini helps you to connect to the Divine, and then you can get whatever you wish. Every single person deserve to know these secrets (which are not secrets anymore, and should not be), and everybody should awake its own Kundalini. That’s one of the main purposes of our life! This is a mission, that should be accomplished!, Mission of Immortality!

If you don’t wake up your Kundalini, then you have to comeback to this life again and again and again, until you awake it. So, why not to do it now, and see by yourself what is this, how it feel, and what you can do with this energy.


3rd Eye in Human Brain

3rd Eye in Human Brain

3rd Eye

The third eye on American dollars, eye of God (Freemasonry eye), the famous third eye in ancient Egypt, and the 3rd eye in all civilizations, all of these are referring to the Pineal Gland which is located into our head. Also you will learn that Kundalini is the main secret in human history, from the creation of human till now. It was and it is the secret behind all religions, civilizations, countries, governments, secret groups, and the world powers. By activating your brain, you will get lot of powers.

That’s why for 12000 years all governments and other powerful persons they kept it as a secret from ordinary people. Not only they keep it as a secret, but they also are trying to poison people, to not let them to active this energy. I will explain how they try to poison your body and your mind. Also I will teach you how you can clean your body and mind (detoxify) and how you can awake your Kundalini energy, how to open your 3rd eye and how to active more percentage of your brain.

3rd eye dollar

3rd eye freemasonry

G & 3rd eye freemasonry


Creation Adam Michelangelo

Is Michelangelo in this painting “the Creation of Adam”, tried to tell us something?


Who I am?

I’m not a master, but I am a Kundalini Awakening Master! I don’t have any extra ordinary power yet!, but I have some! I’m not a magician, but I am! Maybe a Golden Witch! I am not a monk, but I was! not a religious person -the way the others are. I’m not a member of any Illuminati or Freemasonry groups. I am a simple! person, as you. My Kundalini energy waked up by few months practicing and eating special natural healthy foods & listening to special musics and frequencies!. As simple as it! You can do it too, I can help you with pleasure, it would be my honor.

About my website logo: Eye is referring to the Pineal Gland and opening it, Triangle is referring to our brain (Crown Chandra), the Watch is referring to the 12th Millennium (which you will know the secret of this, soon), the Snake is referring to Kundalini energy, the Leaves are Pine tree leaves, and the word AHUM is the chants for 6th and 7th Chakras.

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