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Recommended Movies about Kundalini secret, Tree of Life, the Truth behind all Religions, God, Life, 3rd eye and Pineal Gland, and Brain. I will add more Kundalini Movies, when I watch a related & good one.

Movies about Truth Behind Religions

man from earth movie about religions

The Man from Earth
Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

 Людина з планети Земля (2007) on IMDb

Rango movie about religions

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

 Ранго (2011) on IMDb

Movies about Brain
(3rd eye & Crown chakra)

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

 Люсi (2014) on IMDb

limitless movie about brain crown chakra 3rd eye

Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller 

 Областi темряви (2011) on IMDb

Movies about Life
(God, Universe, Creation, Secrets, …)

i-origins Movies about Life God Universe Creation Secrets

I origin
Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

 I Origins (2014) on IMDb

the fountain Movies about Life God Universe Creation Secrets

The Fountain
Drama, Sci-Fi

 The Fountain (2006) on IMDb

tree of life Movies about Life God Universe Creation Secrets

Tree of Life
Drama, Fantasy

 Tree of Life (2014) on IMDb

coherence Movies about Life God Universe Creation Secrets

Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

 Coherence (2013) on IMDb

inside out Movies about Life God Universe Creation Secrets

Inside Out
Animation, Adventure, Comedy

 Думками навиворiт (2015) on IMDb

Movies about Awakening

Kundalini Awakening Movie Film

Adventure, Drama, Romance 

 Пробудження (2016) on IMDb

“A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.”

Watch this movie to understand why those whom waked up their Kundalini, they try to aware and awake others too. What you see in this movie, is the exact feeling I have: Loneliness!


Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

 Вона (2013) on IMDb

Movie starts with this dialogue:

It suddenly hit me that I was part of this whole larger thing.
Before that, I was just living my life like I knew everything…
and suddenly this bright light hit me and woke me up.
That light was you.
And still to this day, every day…
you make me feel like the girl I was…
when you first turned on the lights and we started this adventure together.

Kundalini energy is a Female (Her). It located on the first chakra, the first chakra’s color is Red (as you see the red color everywhere in this movie). In this movie, Her is an Intelligence Operating System, in fact, Kundalini energy is the same. this bright light hit me and woke me up”, that’s what Kundalini energy does, a bright light which hit you and wake you up.

Well, watch this movie, to understand, it is talking about Kundalini energy. Those whom their Kundalini already woke up, they 100% agree with me.

Kundalini Movies