Kundalini History: Lotus Flower, Snake & Pine

Kundalini History

Kundalini Energy is the main secret behind all religions, ancient civilizations and secret groups such as Freemasonry and Illuminates. Because all of them, have somethings in common: PineSnake, Tree of LifeLotus Flower.

I try to write as minimal as possible, and I ignore unnecessary details, codes and symbols. Just have a look at pictures, because pictures are worth a thousand words.

First, let’s have a look at Pyramids around the world:

Map of Pyramids around the World

world pyramids map
Pyramids around the world

All ancient civilizations and old religions, they created pyramid temples. So the first common thing in all old religions and civilizations, is, Pyramid Temples. Keep it in your mind, then we will have a look what else they have in common, and why!

Map of the advent of Religions

Kundalini History
Advent of Religions world map

1- Mithraism

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Mithraism

Mithra is a name for female. The meaning of “Mithra” in Farsi language (Persian) is: Guardian Angle of “Covenant” (Era, Age) / The Angle of Kindness, Love & Wisdom / Symbol of Brightness and Radiance.

Mithra was born in the center of a lotus flower. A snake is turning around her/his body 7 times.

Mithraism is the first religion which appeared on the north-west of Persia (part of current Iran-Iraq-Syria) and this religion later moved to Europe & India. From my personal view, Mithraism is fundamental of all other religions.

2- Babylonian Civilizations

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Babylonian Sumerian Akkadian Assyrian

Sumerian, Akkadian & Assyrian, all of them have somethings in common: Lotus flower, Snakes, Pine, & Tree of Life.

3- Egyptians

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Egyptian
Kundalini History

Egyptians also showing us the same Kundalini codes: Lotus flower, Snakes, Pine, & Tree of Life. Image top-left: snake appears from the middle of a lotus flower.

4- Judaism

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Judaism Jewish
Kundalini History

Jewish people have been everywhere!. They gathered all the ancient secrets from all ancient civilizations they met, and wrote those secrets down and hided and coded those secrets to Fairy-Tail Stories. The book, Torah, which later became The Holly Book!, is full of Kundalini codes and secrets, and some ancient stories from Sumerians, Egyptians, and Persians.

Kundalini History

Judaism is Kundalini secrets from Mithraism, Babylonian, Egyptian and Persian ancient religions. that’s all! 

5- Persian (Zoroastrianism)

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Persian
Kundalini History

Persian artifacts & architectures is full of the Kundalini codes: Lotus flower, Snakes, Pine, & Tree of Life. During Persian empire, Zoroastrianism was the official religion of the kingdom.

6- Ancient Rome & Greece

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Rome Greece
Kundalini History

Ancient Rome & Greece artifacts & architectures is also full of the Kundalini codes: Lotus flower, Snakes, Pine, & Tree of Life.

7- Mayan & Aztec

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Mayan Aztec

Mayan and Aztec civilization & Kundalini codes: Snakes, Pine, Tree of Life.

8- Hinduism & Buddhism

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Hinduism Buddhism

Kundalini codes: Lotus Flower, Snakes, Pine, Tree of Life.

9- 10- Christianity (Orthodox & Catholic)

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Orthodox Catholic Church christianity
Kundalini History

Two Snake cane in all Orthodox priests’s hands. Eastern Orthodox churches are full of Kundalini symbols: Pine, Lotus, 3rd eye, Snakes, etc.

Catholic pope carries a cane (Papal Ferula) with a PINE!, also a big Pine statue is located in the Vatican city, between two Peacocks. Peacock feather is another symbol of Kundalini, referring to Crown Chakra, same as opened Lotus Flower, and Pine shape.

Christianity is Kundalini, thanks Jewish for writing down the ancient secrets! Somebody named Jesus, he just woke up his Kundalini energy and he opened his Crown Chakra fully, by 40 days hard-fasting. And then Christianity created!

11- Islam

Kundalini Lotus Snake Tree Life 3rd eye Pineal Gland Islam

Kundalini codes in Islam and Islamic architectures, at mosques: Lotus Flower, Peacock feather, Snakes, Pine, Tree of Life. Surprised? Ha? I told you Kundalini is behind all religions! ツ

Then later, you will understand all other symbols, as well as prays (even time of prays), words, behaviors, and in general other religious customs & traditions in all religions are all related to the Kundalini.

Mohammad did the same what Jesus did, he successfully opened his Crown Chakra fully, by several years hard meditating in a cave. I can do that, you can do that too. Just we need strong will.

Kundalini & Pineal Gland

Kundalini History
Kundalini History

Kundalini Energy & Chakras

Kundalini Chakras

1- As I mentioned before, we have a small gland in our head, as the shape of this gland is like a Pine, we called it Pineal Gland.

2- A mysterious! energy is inside our body, inside all human body. You can call this energy: Divine Energy, Holly Spirit, Spirit of God, Sprite of Universe, Sacred Fire, Kundalini Energy.

3- This energy is located at the bottom of our backbone (spinal cord), Tree of Life!. This energy is female, and she is sleep! (inactive).

4- This energy can be wake up by different external motives, such as: Yoga, sports, special breathing, listening to special sounds (frequencies and vibrations, such as Church bells and Tibetan bowls), looking to sunlight, smelling special aroma (such as: lotus flower, sandal, lavender, etc.), by eating and drinking special foods, or by fasting (not eating all at), etc.

5- When this energy wakes up and rises, she will move around our backbone (spinal cord), such that, you feel one or two snakes are moving inside your body!. There is not any snake inside your body!, just it moves like that. She tries to go up, clean Chakras, and then hit the Pineal Gland, and then goes out of your body from the center of our head (Crowm Chakrah).

6- When this energy tries to get out from our head, it activates more percentage of our Brain, (it improves our brain activities, abilities, and capacities), and then, if this energy get out completely and activates 100% of our brain, then immortality happens!. Fully opening Crown chakra is like one or two Peacocks with fully opened tails (feathers).

7- We have more than 124.000 Chakras in our body (124.000 messengers!), but there are 7 main Chakras. Opening and/or balancing each Chakra, gives us some abilities, or fix our weaknesses.

It was a very simple and short brief about Kundalini, Chakras, and Divine Energy inside our body. The snake who moved up on an apple tree, cheated Eve and then Eve bite from that apple. What that tree was???? TREE OF WISDOM, and then God said, I’m afraid now they eat the fruit of TREE OF IMMORTALITY.

This story is the foundation and the base of the many religions: Judaism, Zoroastrian , Christianity, Islam, etc.

Welcome to the hell babe! ツ Do you wanna wake up?

Yep! as you understood now, for about 12000 years, people cheated each other. All religions cheated and fooled people, all governments and systems did the same, as well as many scientists. They hide the truth and they gave and still giving us just some bull-shit wrong information, to control society.

What they did in the history of mankind, I can call it: Mass Murder, Crime Against Humanity, Crime Against God!, The Real Holocaust.

Don’t be disappointed, don’t be sad, I know it’s very sad, I became sad too when I understood these. Wake up your Kundalini, connect yourself to the divine, active more percentage of your brain, live your life, and …

God is inside our own Head!

There are many other codes and symbols in Kundalini History, Religions and Civilizations, which I ignored them, because we will waste our time if we go deep into that $*#@! Now you know that Kundalini energy, Pineal Gland and Our Brain are the main things in our life, so, forget this symbolism, and let’s focus on connecting to the divine.

We should get out from the symbolism which created by religions, secret groups, and systems.

I will write more articles, about how to wake up your Kundalini, how to clean your body and mind, what to eat and what to do, etc.

God has mercy on all

Kundalini History