About Me

Kundalini Awakening Master

About Me

I’m not a master, but I am a Kundalini Awakening Master! I don’t have any extra ordinary power yet!, but I have some! I’m not a magician, but I am! Maybe a *Golden Witch! I am not a monk, but I was! not a religious person -the way the others are. I’m not a member of any Illuminati or Freemasonry groups. I am a simple! person, as you. My Kundalini energy waked up by few months practicing and eating special natural healthy foods & listening to special musics and frequencies! As simple as it! You can do it too, I can help you with pleasure, it would be my honor.

* As you may know, there are two type of witchcraft, White Witches and Black Witches. White Witches do magics by getting powers from positive energies, and Black Witches do it by getting powers from negative energies. Both are powerful and both are allowed! But me, I prefer to ask DIVINE directly, rather than getting powers from positive or negative energies. Nothing is more powerful than Divine. As the Divine is Golden, I called it Golden Witchcraft! I created this word by myself!

When you awake your own Kundalini, then you can become a Golden Witch too, as well as a Kundalini Awakening Master.

About my website logo: Eye is referring to the Pineal Gland and opening it, Triangle is referring to our brain (Left-Right-Center), the Watch is referring to the 12th Millennium (which you will know the secret of this, soon), the Snake is referring to Kundalini energy, the Leaves are Pine tree leaves, and the word AHUM are the chants for 6th and 7th chakras.

More About Me!

I was born in south-west of Iran, a beautiful city, called Abadan. Where there was one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

I grow up in a Muslim society, and with semi-Muslim parents. My parents were very open-minded, my mom was a teacher and my father was a ship-captain which several years before retirement he became teacher at university.  When I was two years old, Islamic revolution happened in Iran. During the Iran’s Kingdom, we had open free society, which all views could live together in peace.

My father had a library at home, full of books from varied views. From Islamic-radicalism, to Hegel, Jean Paul Sartre, Descartes, and Anti-Islam Nationalist authors, from Quran, Bible, Torah, to some very rare books about Ancient Religions, from Omar Khayyam to Rumi, whatever you could imagine!, more than 1000 valuable books! Most of them were absolutely opposite of others, in views.

As a child, I couldn’t understand them at all, so, I had my own library: Jul Vern, Adventures of Tin Tin, books and journals about space, cars, electronic, and then later, computers. At 15, I started to read my father books, still was hard for me to understand them, they were heavy for me! Especially during my adulthood, which  I was seeing the new Islamic government what is doing is very different than what is written in Quran or Mohammad’s book. Same time, two Muslim countries were in a war together: Iran and Iraq. Killing each other in the name of God!

Then later, I understood that the same thing happened in history between Christians, Christians and Jewish, Jewish and others, Jewish and Muslims, Muslims and Christians, etc.!

So, I understood, something should be wrong with these religions, messengers, and even with God!. It was the start point of beginning of my atheism!

I try to cut my story, later on, I stopped reading books at all, because I didn’t want to read Others’ Thoughts!, but I wanted to think and know everything by myself, by my own brain.

Always, all the time, even during my atheism, I believed in energies, in love, in honesty, in humanity, I believed (though I wasn’t sure) that there should be something, a creator, but not the same God of these Deadly Dirty Dark Religions. I believed in science and scientists.

Until, a few days after my 40th birthday, my Kundalini energy waked up, I felt it, I touched it, and I believed it. All my old believes changed. Then I understood there is something beyond religions and science. I understood all religions and even scientists were fooling and cheating us for thousand years. Both of them are different faces of the same coin. Be afraid of NASA, Google, Microsoft, TED, Universities, Hospitals and Doctors, they are as dangerous as Religions.

This is exactly what Kundalini Awakening does to you, too, it aware you about the truths. Tree of Wisdom!

So, everything I write in this website, most of them are my own personal experiences with Kundalini. I try to avoid of copy-pasting from others as much as possible (except some photos or images). I write whatever happened and happen to me. And until something is not happened yet or I’m not sure about that, I mention that this is “my personal view” and “thoughts”. I also try to update, and correct my previous thoughts and views, whenever I understand something new.

Now, I like to aware others about this. It’s up to you to listen, think and do, or stay a lamb and say BAAAA, BAAAA! Wolves are feeding you to make you fat, and then eat you.

My dear, let me tell you a very dirty truth:

Shepherds, are the Real Wolves

They tear you down, rip you, and then eat you, until you are a lamb. So, become a lion, to be safe. Lions stay with lions, they don’t deal with wolves, nor with lambs.

Last word: believe in God, God does exist, do not look at God at temples or inside books. Religions and scientists captured the God for themselves. They don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to know.

Do not trust anything and anyone, even me! as a Kundalini Awakening Master! only trust on your own brain. God comes there, you will see and you will feel it. It’s not just imaginations! You will FEEL it inside your own body.

God Bless All.

PS: I’m not a perfect or holy person (and I don’t want to be), I have great sense of humor, I may become angry, emotional, or even I say bad words! I’m not SIR, nor MASTER, please call me by my name: Reza

Kundalini Awakening Master