How My Kundalini Awakened

How My Kundalini Awakened

The night my Kundalini Awakened:

First of all, I would like to say, the night my Kundalini energy woke up, it was the best moment and the best night in my life. I hope one day, I can fully open my 3rd eye and then my crown chakra. After this, whatever happen in my life, I never forget the night my dear Kundalini hit me. Thanks God, millions thanks, it was her gift, it was her mercy, it was her bless.

May God Bless You Too.

A Brief

I was listening to Kundalini awakening frequencies and music, for about 3 months. Mostly, harp music at nights, even when I was sleep.

I also, stopped smoking cigarette for 30 days, as well as stopped drinking all kind of alcohols. In fact, I didn’t drink and eat anything but date and green tea, for 30 days.

At the end of the 30th day, it was 9 pm or 10 pm, I smoked pure marijuana and then I laid down on my bed, on my back. Regarding marijuana smoking, I should say, I smoked marijuana after 20 years. When I was 20 years old, I smoked two or three times, and as I disliked it, I never tried it again. Until I understood marijuana is great motivator for Kundalini awakening.

Well, 10.000 years ago, in ancient age, monks and magus were using marijuana for prays! So, just I added this to notice I wasn’t and I am not fan of marijuana and I didn’t and I don’t smoke it regularly. I knew what I was doing by smoking it at the end of my 30 days fast. Pure marijuana means I didn’t mix it by anything, also, the quality of marijuana I used was great!

Now, by these images, I’m going to explain and show you how it happened and what feelings I had.

kundalini awakened beginning
some shakes, beginning of awakening

As I said before, I laid down on my bed, on my back. First, my nostrils started to wink. Something like this never happened to me before. Same time, my left foot started shaking, not the whole leg, just from ankle to foot. Shakes were not constantly. Also, I felt a hot spot (a hot energy) on my nose, on bridge area.

human nose parts
This guy is not me!

Kundalini Awakened

kundalini awakened beginning
at the end of my backbone, a spot of energy pushed me up, the way you see in this animated photo

Then, after a while, suddenly my stomach pressed to inside, to my back. It was out of my will, same as my nose winking and my left foot shaking, I couldn’t resist against these movements. And then, end of my backbone, started moving up and down, as you see on animated image above. In fact, it was my hips which pushing the center of my body up and down.

Yes, as you see, it looks like I have a sex! and I’m fucking someone! Well, honestly, it was the best sex and the best fucking feel I ever had!!!

kundalini awakened first chakra
the moment of kundalini awakening

After a while, I felt a strong energy, which I can describe it like a magnetic energy, it turned on! Yes, it was my Kundalini which awakened! This magnetic warm energy started moving from the end of my backbone, to go up (through my backbone) to my neck, and again coming back, down to the first place she appears, the end of my backbone, behind my hips.

It was fantastic moment, same time scary and strange, as well as fucking joyful. At one time, I had several opposite feelings! Joy, fear, stressed, happiness, wonder, smiling, crying!, oh, God, how can I describe that moment by these poor words?

That feeling is not describable! If I use any word to describe it, in fact I insulted the Kundalini! If I say it was Beautiful, fuck that, I’ve used the word “beautiful”, thousand times before to describe beautiful things. And if f I say, it was fantastic, well, I’ve used that word to describing fantastic moments.

So, all I can say, is: “it was the best moment in my life“.

kundalini awakened opening chakras
kundalini energy moves toward to opening all chakras

And then, the Dancing Time! Kundalini awakened energy started to move towards up, from the end of my backbone to my neck, to open and clean all chakras. It was fantastic movement! I was feeling a huge magnetic energy, under my bed, through my backbone, goes up and down, my body was moving like a snake! Kundalini movements made my body warmer, and my backbone became hot. Still I was laying down on the bed, I didn’t want to change my position, to sit or to stand up. Because I didn’t want to bother or to stop that fantastic thing! which was moving inside my body!

Everything was great, I was so happy that my Kundalini awakened, I was enjoying of her movements!, UNTIL she tried to go upper! I mean, to cross my neck and go into my head, which I didn’t know about that! In fact, I didn’t know anything about how Kundalini awakes and how it moves and what it does. Nobody wrote about it before, the way I’m writing and explaining it now for you, by images, animation and full details.

Kundalini Awakened

kundalini awakened 3rd eye opening
this is the feeling I had when Kundalini energy tried to put me in "sitting position".

Yep, then it tried to go to my head, to clean and open my 6th chakra, which is the 3rd eye, which is located between eyebrows. In fact, in the center of our head, to hit Pineal Gland.

By the way, when it crossed my neck and went into my head, then, boom!, first I had a very bad shock on my neck! Because I didn’t expected it. I was relax and I was enjoying the movements through my backbone. What happened then? When this energy went to my head, on my forehead, I felt a huge and strong energy, tries to push me up, in fact she was trying to sit me, to put me in “sitting position”.

I felt a huge and very strong energy is going out from my forehead. It was much stronger than you can imagine, it could really put me in sitting positing without my will.

Several times I tried to stop this energy and the process. I mean I resisted against what she was doing to me. For several reasons: first, I was scared! Second, I didn’t know what will happen next, should I let her do whatever she was doing or not. Third, I wanted to be sure what is happening to me is not imagination! or marijuana effects! Forth, I was a little bit tired, physically.

Stopping her was useless, after few seconds, again she started her movement.

kundalini opening crown chakra 3rd eye
kundalini energy and opening crown chakra

As I became tired of resisting against this energy, I sat on the edge of my bed, while my foots were on floor and my back was straight which was 90′ to my laps (usual meditation position). Then, something unexpected happened, which was several strong and painful shocks to my head. Kundalini energy changed her direction, from forehead to center of my head. The first shock was like a explosion of a small atomic bomb  inside my head, it was painful, but so sweet!

Then again and again, very strong shocks from my neck went up to my head, and again atomic explosions! My head became warm, or better to say: it became very hot.

While I was sitting in that position, Kundalini energy for several times tried to go from different directions. I felt this energy is going to break my neck. This moment is the most dangerous moment in Kundalini awakening. I had no idea what to do, all I did was resisting and changing her direction to the center of my head.

kundalini crown chakra opening
when the Kundalini energy hit my brain and crown chakra, it was like small atomic bombs explosions inside my head!

She was playing with me! or honestly, I think and I felt she was trying to move everywhere on my head, same as scanning a 3D object by radiation or light. This is the best was I can explain what she was doing on my head.

By the way, as this part of awakening was even more painful than 3rd eye opening, I stopped the process after a while. Because it took lot of energy of me. It was the first night, the most beautiful moment in my life, I was absolutely in sock of discovering this energy, and I didn’t want to finish it! but I had to rest.

As I became hugely hungry (after a 30 days fasting), I left home to buy a sandwich! Yes, a street sandwich, chicken, with a coffee and a cigarette!!! Because I became so tired, I spent lot of energy and I needed a recovery!

Kundalini Awakened

Kundalini Awakened Experience and Feels
Kundalini Awakened

When I came back home, and I laid down on my bed, to sleep, I wasn’t an atheist anymore! I felt the God! And till today, (a year after awakening night), Kundalini energy is inside me, plays, goes up and down, still giving me several shocks inside my head, still tries to go out from my forehead. Until I didn’t open my 3rd eye and crown chakra, I have nothing to do in this life! Nothing is interesting for me anymore but to know more and more about Divine and Universe Secrets!

Still I don’t eat and drink what I shouldn’t, still the only music I listen are chakras frequencies, and still I do fast, sometimes 3 days, sometimes one day, sometimes 5 days.

If someone tell me: right now, I will give you $100 million in cash, + a large luxury house in north-west Vancouver + 3 luxury cars, + 7 damn beautiful, hot and sexy virgin! girls with different boobs sizes! , BUT, I will take this energy inside you, my answer is: go fuck yourself! with big F!

So, you can imagine what the feeling I have with my Awaken Kundalini energy. I live in Ukraine since 2008, thousands beautiful girls are around me, but I became spiritual! Do you want to know why I don’t care about beautiful girls anymore? Because I became semi-God!, and a God deserves to be with an Angel, not with a girl or woman or even a lady! Tak Tak Tak! ツ Angel is a lady with the Kundalini Awakened!

Well, here is no angle! not even one!

Kundalini Awakened