Kabbalah, the Cube of Allah?

Kabbalah, the Cube of Allah?

What Kabbalah is?

Kabbalah is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism.

Kabb, is Arabic/Hebrew word and means Cubic/Cube. In fact, the English word of Cube comes from Arabic origin, Kabb.

Kabb-Alah, Means, Cube of Alah.

Kaaba, means Cube, and it is a CUBE!

Kaaba, means Cube, and it is a CUBE!

And, Alah is Al Ah. And AH is the secret name of God or Holy Spirit. Crown chakra chant in Kundalini. 

In Arabic language, AL is similar to THE in English language.

For example:
Alketab (Al Ketab), means The Book; Alnesa’ (Al Nesa’) means The Women, Alasrar (Al Asrar) means The Secrets; etc. So, Al Lah, means The LAH, in fact it is referring to the Kundalini AH chant, but why there is another L? AL LAH.

Kabbalah, Cube, Satan, Saturn, Kaaba

The Black Cube of Satan (Saturn)

Does really a black cube refers to the Satan?

Metallica in concert at The SSE Hydro, Glasgow. Photo by RMV/REX/Shutterstock (9176413l)

So, what Allah is? Satan or The Creator? My answer is: Allah (AH) is the Creator, the God of Gods, The Holy Spirit. And Satan is something else, which I will write about it soon. (when exactly? I don’t know!)

PS: I am the great fan of Metallica, as well as the great fan of Satan, as well as the great fan of The Creator. I have no problem with demon and angels. 😉 Just I wanted to be clear as crystal that there is no any offence to Metallica, the Lord of Hard Rock (or Heavy Metal).

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