How to improve your Memory?

How to improve your Memory?

improving memory

improving memory

In this article, I write about some simple methods for improving memory and also how to increase your brain function. There are many factors which are attacking and damaging our memory and brain functions to decrease our brain and make us more stupid than we are now! For example, smart phones, calculators, etc.

 For improving your memory:

1- Recalling Memories

improving memory

improving memory by recalling and remembering old memories

Start recalling your close past memories. Yesterday, what you did? What you saw, etc. Try to remember more details about yesterday. Take your time, 20 minute to 30 minute, close your eyes, and try to remember your past day. Start with a big picture of an event, and then go into details. Go deeper and deeper, try to remember words, numbers, colors, prices, locations, faces, behaviors, etc. Can you rollback whatever you saw and you heard yesterday?

Ok, so, tomorrow, when you go out, start to focus better, put things in your memory, because a day after tomorrow you should recall it again.

After a week or two, practicing Recalling Your Yesterday Memories, you should start to remembering your far past. Memories from 2 or 3 years ago, a party you have been there, a birthday, a trip, or any good memory. For now, you should just try to remember good memories, later on, you can also try to remember bad memories. But for now, just we are going to focus on good memories.

Then, try to remember your childhood’s memories, in details, as much as you can. Recall them.

So, one of the best ways to improve your memory, is to recall the past memories.

Memory improvement - smartphones and stupid people

Memory improvement – smartphones and stupid people

2- Smartphones

20 years ago, telephones were not digital and they hadn’t “memory”. People had to remember numbers and write down numbers on a phone book. Remembering phone numbers of relatives or friends was easy.

After digital phones, with built-in memory ability, we started putting numbers on phone’s memory, rather than in our memory. Right now, I’m sure you don’t know your closest friend’s phone number, because you saved it on your phone or into your sim-card. If you lose your smartphone, you cannot call anybody, because you don’t know their numbers!

Smartphones and digital phone-books are great, they make our life easier, but they make us more stupid! Because we are decreasing the usage of our brain and our own memory. By counting only on smartphones, digital memories and digital phone-books, we are putting ourselves in a big danger.

I don’t say you should not use smartphone at all, no, use them, they are good, but, try to memorize some of important telephone numbers in your own memory. Rather than calling your mom from a saved name, try to call her by her number. Not only it keeps your memory activated, not only you stop becoming more stupid!, but also you can save your life if you be in a danger!

Nowadays, some people even don’t know their own phone number!

3- Calculators

Why now many people even for calculating a very simple action, they use digital calculator?! Stops using calculator, and start to calculate by your brain. When you are at bus, at train, or somewhere that you have nothing to do, first, stop playing with your damn phone, then, start to calculate some simple and even some hard mathematics actions. It will improve your brain function.

4- Puzzles

improving memory by doing puzzles

improving memory by doing puzzles

Start solving puzzles, riddles, especially crossword puzzles; they are great for improving your brain function. Do not download and install some digital puzzles, can you forget the digital life and live in the real world? So, find some crossword puzzles on paper or magazine.

5- Writing

Write more by your hand, rather than just touching your phone pad or typing by your computer. Come back to write some pages by hand (even letters), calculate on a paper, and do paper crossword puzzles, not digital. Writing on a paper by your hand, will improve your brain function too.

Another idea, for example, if you are a right-hand person, try to write by your left hand (and vice versa). I know it’s very difficult and the result will be very funny. But it’s exactly what our brain needs, doing some hard works.  So, do it, time to time.

6- Foods

Eat and drink useful and healthy foods which are great for your brain. On Pineal Gland Detoxifying page, you can see the list of useful foods for brain and memory.

Harp Music

7- Music

Listen to classical music while you are sleep. Listen to piano and harp instruments. Harp music is fantastic for awakening Kundalini energy, balancing chakras, activating brain, and for improving memory. Also on YouTube, you can find some special frequencies which are great for brain and memory. On Media & Download page, you can find some resources.

8- Brain-washers

As always, the main poison for our brain and our mental and physical health, are brain-washers: TVs, News, Social Networks, no related Movies, not related Music, Churches, Mosques, so on. The most dangerous poison is Stupid people, communicating and talking to stupid people, decreases your intelligence to their level.

9- Nature

Spend more time in nature. Go out of city, mountains are great. If there is river or lake on mineral water in mountains then it would be fantastic. Camp near water, make a fire, be barefoot, walk and touch the earth, wear dresses made by cotton, spend minimum a day and a night (fully) there. Congratulation! you make connection with the 4 main elements. You get pure energy from all 4 elements, plus, the sun and the moon.

improving memory