God Names

God names in all religions and old civilizations has something in common! let’s have a look at God names in Babylonian, Egyptian, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Aztec, Mayan, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sufism, Bahá’í Faith, and let’s see what’s the connection between their Gods names and Kundalini Crown Chakra’s name. That would be very interesting, and also it proves again that the main secret behind all religions is Kundalini Energy. As I explained it before on the page “The Main Secret” (Kundalini History: Lotus Flower, Snake & Pine).


(Sumerian, Akkadian, Hurrians, Babylonian)

Ninmah, Atra-Hasis, Lahamu, Ea, Hur

Regarding EA and HUR, we don’t know how was the correct
pronounce, but for me, it seems, they could sound like EAH, and HUR is close to the HUM or OM which is chant for 6th chakra (3rd eye).


(Persian, Roman, Greek)

Mithrah, Myth AH, The Legend of AH

Mithra (Mithrah) is a name for female. The meaning of “Mithra” in Farsi language (Persian) is: Guardian Angle of “Covenant” (Era, Age) / The Angle of Kindness, Love & Wisdom / Symbol of Brightness and Radiance.  In Persian, it called The Legend of AH (افسانه آه), so, the correct word of Mithrah is Myth AH.


Ptah, Hapi, Hathor, Maahes, Akmun-Rah


Judaism – Judah
HaShem – Yehovah – Ya hoo – Messiah

In Judaism, the main name of God, is HaShem.
Shem is one of the sons of Noah. Ha Shem means HA of Shem.
(I will write about all these, soon).

Kabbalah is a mystery method and discipline of thought in Judaism.

God Names

Ahura Mazda

God Names

Nahuatl – aztecah
(The Nahuatl word (aztecah)  means “people from Aztlan”, I will talk about Aztlan on another page)

God Names

Kinich Ahau – Ahaw Kin




Brahma (the Creator)


Hallelujah – Messiah


Allah – la ilaha illallah – Mahdi (Shia Muslims)

ah mosque

AH in Farsi and Arabic is written like آه, as you see on the image above, I think, the shape of mosques are telling us the secret name of God! I have explained the other Kundalini elements and codes in religions architectures before.


Ya Hoo, Hoo

Sufism is a soft and beautiful version of mixture of Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. I can name it the Poetic Version of spirituality 🙂 Sufies are not dangerous the way the religious people are. They drink (some of them), they dance, and they love music. My personal views are much closer to Sufism.


Bahá’í Faith

kundalini crown chakra

Sahasrara, AH

AH is the chant for the 7st chakra which is the Crown Chakra, which is full wisdom and immortality.

kundalini awakening courses

They were all God Names in different religions and civilizations. You can also search and find more. I didn’t create these names, they are as they are. The words AH and HA, or AHA, will happen when you are trying to open your Crown Chakra. This AH or HA will pronounce (or sounds) in a special way. I can not write about it, because you should hear this sound by yourself. All I can say, saying AH or HA, during Crown Chakra opening, is very nice, very special, and … God, I can not write about it, you should do it by yourself to understand me.

About this HA or AH, I will write more, on Crown Chakra Opening page.

Knock Knock! Wake Up!
Good Morning Babe!

The secret name of the God is AH, HA or AHA. You can meet the Holy Spirit, you can even become a Semi-God, by activating your brain. Kundalini Energy and Brain Activating is the main secret which all religions, governments, educational and health systems were hiding from us for 12000 years. Not only hiding, but also poisoning and illuminating us. I told you before, what they did and still are doing to us, I can call it: Crime Against Humanity

read more: Allah & Halleluiah are Kundalini AH

God Names