This is a short brief about Freemasonry and the main secret behind it. Again, the main secret is Kundalini, 3rd eye and Pineal Gland. I’m not going to waste my and your time to go deep into this subject, but simply by analyzing Freemasonry main logo (symbol), you will understand that on what they believe and who is the Great Architect.

An Eye, a G, Sun Rays, a Square and a set of Compasses joined together. They are element of the Freemasonry Symbol.

As I explained on the image above:

Eye, or eye of God = is Pineal Gland
G (Great Architect of the Universe) = Corpus Callosum (power of both left & right sides of brain)
Sun Rays = Enlightenment, Opened 3rd eye, Consciousness, Conscientious
Square = Power of Concentration, Male, Sun, White Magic!, Creating, Yang
Compasses = Power of Meditation, Female, Moon, Black Magic, Destroying, Yin

Contemplation means: the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.

Looking thoughtfully, that’s all. You no need to do any action, nothing, but Meditation and Concentration. ツ That’s why they don’t want you know these secrets.

Mixing the square and Compasses = 555 (666 + 777), which they are Kundalini codes, which are brain, 7 planets and universe frequencies. Black and White, Destroying and Building, Killing and Regenerating. Balancing (69).

I will write about these digits, soon. They are 9 main Kundalini frequencies.

King David’s Star, Israel and Judaism symbol, King Solomon Temple, and symbol of Kundalini heart chakra. TAADAAA!

Freemasonry Lodge and a Mithraism Temple
a Freemasonry Lodge and a Mithraism Temple

These photos show a Freemasonry Lodge and a Mithraism Temple. As I told you that Mithraism seems is the fundamental of all religions and secret groups such as Freemasons.

Who is a Freemason?

Freemasonry is a worldwide fraternal organization. Its members are joined together by shared ideals of both a moral and metaphysical nature, and, in most of its branches, by a common belief in a Supreme Being.

In another and simple definition: Freemason is a person with awaken Kundalini and with opened 3rd eye. Freemason means a person who can create or forces things to be happen by power of Concentration and Meditation. Free Mason means a Free Architect! Someone who can build and create things, freely!

PS!: I strongly suggest you, do not allow Freemasonry and who is Freemason, their symbols, codes, secrets, and Illuminati and their secrets and symbols, take your time and energy. Don’t waste your time on these.

Your job is to awake your Kundalini and open your 3rd eye and/or crown chakra. Then you can choose if you want to be a Freemason, Illuminati, a spiritual person or or even a new messenger!

Black, White, or Gold

In another article, I will explain to you that how to Contemplate to CREATE what you want. You can be a Freemason too. Just in 40 days!