• Can I awake my Kundalini Energy too?
    Of course you can.
  • How long it takes?
    It depends on how Ready you are, both physically and mentality.
  • Is Kundalini awakening can be dangerous?
    Yes, it can!, if you do it alone and if you have nobody (with experience on this) to take care of you, then it can be dangerous.
  • Should I leave my current life and do some strange meditations?
    It’s a hard question! I mean, answering this question needs long description. Yes, somehow you need to change your current life a bit, for example: changing what you eat and drink, also changing your social life and changing people around yourself, changing your musics and movies, even you should stop reading and thinking!, … in fact, if I need to be honest with you, you should isolate yourself for a while.
  • If I pay you more, then is it possible to awake my Kundalini faster?
    There is not any connection between spending more money and faster awakening. The only way you can awake your Kundalini is isolating yourself and staying away from things which are poisoning you.
  • I have a physical problem.
    If you have to use medicine, then I do not suggest you to awake your Kundalini for now, because for Kundalini awakening you should have a special diet. We will meet and talk about that. Consultation is Free.
  • Does awakening depend on age and gender?
    Not at all, anybody can do that, in any age and any gender.
  • What about Yoga? Should I exercise Yoga?