Dark Energy vs White Energy

Dark Energy vs White Energy

What is the Dark Energy or Evil Kingdom? How to stop attacks from there?

Immortal Divine Holy Spirit
Immortal Divine or Holy Spirit

In the center of our universe, there is a core, this core is very intelligence, this core called Divine or Holy Spirit. A drop of this spirit is inside all human body, called Kundalini energy, sacred fires, etc.

This spirit can connect us to the Holy Spirit. When we connected to him, then we will receive first hand ideas and information to help humanity. Our wills will become Divine’s will.

This core can listen, can see, and feel, and it has powers beyond our imaginations.

Dark and White Kingdoms
Dark and White Kingdoms

Below this core, there are another tow cores, a white energy and black energy. White energy is Life and Black energy is Death, Constriction and Destruction, Yang & Yin. The way they turn around each other is like the shape of 69.

Yin & Yang

Both of these cores or realms or forces are powerful, we can also call them black magic and white magic. There are many souls, intelligence souls that you can ask them for help, or sometimes they select someone to do something for them. If you ask Dark Energy, it will help you, but, be sure that at the end you will be destroyed by this energy. Because, it is what is it, destroying is in its nature! Your final destiny will be living or better say SUFFERING in dark energy, until the end of universe!

Black realm or Dark Kingdom, wants to destroy humanity, by forcing us to turn our 7 chakrahs as dirty and as close as possible.  White core wants we stay human and clean.

chakras seven deadly sins kundalini
Chakrahs and Seven Deadly Sins

About 7 chakrahs I will write later. But in short, I can explain that 7 chakrahs shape our aura, and our aura can help us to connect to the white realm or black realm, as well as connecting to the Holy Spirit. Seven deadly sins are related to our 7 chakrahs. Seven deadly sins are: wrath, lust, gluttony, envy, greed, sloth, pride.

Dirty Chakrahs:

First Chakrah, Dark Red: Wrath, Anger, Fear, Murder, Worries, Ownership, etc.
Second Chakrah, Dark Orange: Lust, Uncontrolled Sex, Uncontrolled Emotions, etc.
Third Chakrah, Dark Yellow: Physical Health, what we Eat & Drink, Gluttony, Poisons, etc.
Fourth Chakrah, Dark Green: Hate, Envy, Sense of Revenge, etc.
Fifth Chakrah, Dark Cyan: Greed, Talking too much, Asking too much, Discussing, Bad words, etc.
Sixth Chakrah, Dark Indigo: Sloth, Laziness, Not doing anything while we gifted or talented or we know how to do it (we have a knowledge but we don’t use it in action), Stupidity, Destroying, Just Wasting Resources, etc.
Seventh Chakrah, Black: Pride, pride of what we know, of what we have, of what we are, etc.

Our Aura can be a Gateway for Black or White Energy, So be careful of what you are doing to yourself!

Clean Chakrahs:

First Chakrah, Bright Red: No Worry, No Fear, Trust on Divine, controlled Anger, Not taking any life
Second Chakrah Bright Orange: Controlled Sex, Controlled Emotions
Third Chakrah Bright Yellow: Eating and Drinking less and healthy, detoxified body
Fourth Chakrah Bright Green: Love, Unconditional Love, Loving without Expectation, Kindness, Forgiveness, Merci
Fifth Chakrah Bright Cyan: Talking Less, Good Words
Sixth Chakrah Bright Indigo: Working, Wisdom, Knowledge, Acting, Creating
Seventh Chakrah, Bright Purple: Humbleness, Spirituality

If you turn your body and your Aura to dirty or dark, then dark and dirt comes to you. And if you turn your Aura to clean or white, then you will be connected to the while realm.

But, if you can completely IGNORE all your 7 main needs, if you can clean your soul, then Spirit of Divine comes to you. Spirit of Divine is Golden, and it is more powerful than Black and White energies. This is what I call it Golden Magic or better say Miracles.

How to do that? DESTROY YOUR EGO

First Chakrah: Be homeless, Do Not Own Anything, Trust Divine
Second Chakrah
: No sex, do not even think about sex, as long as you can (even several years), No Emotions!

Third Chakrah: Eat and Drink as less as possible, have fast, if you can 40 days fasting
Fourth Chakrah: Unconditional Love, Love your enemy
Fifth Chakrah: Don’t talk at all
Sixth Chakrah: Working for Free, Teach others for Free, Share your Knowledge for Free
Seventh Chakrah: Humility, Humiliate your EGO, Do humble jobs

That’s not easy to do … If you can do it, then you will not be Human anymore, you will become part of Divine and Divine will be with you …

Now, look at yourself, your life, your past. You know what you did to yourself and to others. If you are under the control or attack by Dark Force, then turn to the White.


  • Ask God, the Holy Spirit, for Forgiveness
  • Ask those you hurt them to Forgive you
  • Forgive yourself
  • Be THANKFUL of Holy Spirit that gave you Another Chance!
  • Forget the past
  • Return what you Achieved from Dark Side
  • Turn your body from Acidic to Alkaline and never eat and drink acidic foods
  • Clean your Chakrahs based on what I explained above
  • Sleep on your Right Side
  • Do not REPEAT your BAD DEEDS
  • Help others
  • Stay Clean, or Dark will attack to you with more power than before
  • Clean your Home from Dark Symbols, Feng Shui your place
  • Worship Only Holy Spirit

God Bless You

List of Acidic and Alkaline foods
List of Acidic and Alkaline foods

If you want to stop the dark energy attacks, then turn your body from Acidic to Alkaline. It helps, but if you also clean your mind and soul, not only your body. Also in this article you can read how to detoxify your body.