How to open your crown chakra

How to open your crown chakra

Crown Chakra Opening

Crown Chakra Opening Kundalini energy

Crown chakra opening means activating 100% of your brain. This process can take a very long time, about 10 to 20 years, or even more! It depends on your diet and your daily meditations. But if you want to open your crown chakra in a very short time, then the only way is to have a 40 days fast. 40 days fasting means not eating and drinking anything at all.

Don’t worry about that! You won’t die! It is absolutely possible to stay alive without eating and drinking, because several persons did it. Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha are some of those whom successfully activated 100% of their brain abilities. I can not name all of those whom opened their crown chakra fully, some of them maybe are not known for you. But personally I know many persons whom did it successfully.

Fully opening crown chakra means your Kundalini energy will get out of your body from your 7th chakra that is located in the center of your head. The energy goes out, it will meet the divine or holy sprite, and then it will come back to your body again.

After this, you will know EVERYTHING about universe, about life, about God, about creation, about the past and future. In fact, you will become a semi God! It means you will get 100% wisdom and power from divine. Your WILL, will become the Divine’s WILL!!! Yeh babe! Read it again what I said. So, do not expect that everybody can do this! Opening crown chakra fully is a very hard task to do, maybe the hardest task in the universe!

For doing 40 days fast, first you should prepare your body before. It means you should already have done some dry fasting before. 1 day dry fasting, then 3 days in row, then 5 days, 7 days, etc. But when you want to open your crown chakra fully, you should have a 40 days dry fast in row, without any break.

Also, your Kundalini energy should be awaken, if not, it will be awake after 14 days dry fasting. You should be 100% healthy, without any serious health problem. If you use medicine or you have a disease, you should first become fully healthy.  I’m not sure about that, but I think if you have body disability, that would be ok and you can open your crown chakra without any problem. And good news is after opening your crown chakra, you can heal yourself, even if you lost one of your legs in an accident.

So, you will get God’s power, same as Jesus, you can cure people, and even you can alive a death person. That’s not bullshit! It is possible. You will get powers beyond your imaginations.

Those whom did it, they had 40 days fast in places where there is nobody. You should be alone, you should be far from radiations, dirt, people, you should be alone with God. 40 days fasting will change your DNA structure, I will write about what will happen to your DNA, later.

Divine will bless you, based on what you Ask and how serious and Patient you are.

Here I’m going to explain you how to open your crown chakra:

  • Trust the God.
  • Ask Divine for forgiveness, to forgive all bad you did to others and all bad others did to you.
  • You should love all people and creators unconditional.
  • Find a quiet and clean place in mountain, a cave, or somewhere clean and safe. Where that you should be sure for 1000% that nobody bother you during your fast.
  • Pray to Divine (God) to bless you and open your crown chakra.
  • Remove: Fear, Hate, Anger, Thoughts, and everything else from yourself. You should become completely empty of anything. You should just Trust and think only about God.
  • Don’t let negative thoughts break your fast or change your mind.
  • Negative thoughts will be attack you every day and then every minute, don’t let negative thoughts break you and your fast or change your mind.
  • Be patient and Trust the God. God will test you for 40 days, to see if you have trust on him or you will lose your faith after few days. By the way, you will get blesses depends on how many days you had fast.

As opening crown chakra will give you God’s powers, then you should prove to the divine if you deserve it or not. Everything, first is in your own hands, then Gods’.

What I said was a very big word, but it was correct. If you WANT, then be sure God will GIVE you.  In crown chakra opening, there is only one thing which has the main rule: Resistance Against Negative Thoughts.

Warning! Be careful of what you want to do! Because then you will lose all your interests to this current life. If this life is interesting for you, if you want to have wealth, to fall in love, to become successful, and so on, you should not try to open your crown chakra! You should focus on 3rd eye opening. Crown chakra opening is equal to heavy! spirituality, but 3rd eye opening is equal to wisdom.

May God bless you

Crown Chakra Opening