How to Awaken Kundalini Energy?

How to Awaken Kundalini energy?

Awakening Kundalini energy is different than Opening 3rd Eye or Opening Crown Chakra. For opening 3rd eye, or opening crown chakra, please have a look at related page. In this page, I’m going to talk about Kundalini Awakening.

For waking up your Kundalini you should:

  • Prepare Yourself
  • Be Aware
  • Forgive & Forget
  • Balance Your Character
  • Change Your Society
  • Trust & Remove Worries
  • Make a Temple!
  • Eat Special Foods
  • Listen to Special Music & Frequencies
  • Watch Special Movies and Pictures
  • Sun / Candle Flame / Gold
  • Imagine
  • Communicate
  • Start!
Awaken Kundalini - Cleaning

Prepare Yourself

Clean your home, do it intently, clean everywhere, make whole your home neat. Under your bed, windows, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, etc. Wash your dirty dresses. Throw away unnecessary things you have at home. Give them to those whom may need them. Throw away all your books! or give them to a library! You will no need them anymore!

Your computer needs to be cleaned too, delete all music and movies you have on your computer or on your mobile. Yeh, babe, delete those movies too (pornos!).

Throw away all alcoholic drinks, even if you have some expensive bottles. If you say to yourself that you can drink them later, then you are cheating and fooling yourself and God. Give them to someone who doesn’t want to change his/her life! After your Kundalini waked up, you never ever want to drink any alcohol. I’m not talking about that “you should not drink”, no, in fact “you will lose your interest about alcohol”, because you will find something more tasty and interesting.

The way you should clean your place, you should suppose Nicole Kidman or Brad Pit is coming to your home for a date!!! My dear, GOD is going to come to your home, to meet and bless you, to give you something unique and valuable. So, clean your home for him, the way is deserved for him.

After cleaning your home, you should not invite “anybody who is not clean” to your home. It’s better you don’t invite anybody at all! Yep, isolate yourself, or at least isolate your home and keep it clean. Some people are more dirty, negative and dangerous than millions bacteria!

You should take a daily warm shower and clean yourself very well. Depends on how sensitive your skin and how oily it is.

PS: it’s several years that I don’t use shampoo or any chemical washing products for cleaning my body. I use natural soaps for washing my hair and body. Olive Soaps or Lavender are great. Natural. These natural soaps are much cheaper and useful than Fashion Brands!

Idea: Sell things which are not necessary, sell them online or sell them to whom are needed. Make yourself light, sell everything you don’t use. Keep this money for purchasing special foods and products for your Kundalini Awakening.

Awakening Kundalini
Awaken Kundalini

Be Aware

You may not believe it, but, awareness of “what Kundalini is”, where she located, what she does, and in general “knowing that such energy exists” is one of the main steps which helps you to stimulate and awake your Kundalini. So, read more about Kundalini, watch documentary movies about it (movies that ordinary people created and are available on YouTube).

Awake Kundalini

Forgive & Forget, Be Thankful

Another very important step is Forgiveness:

  • Forgive Yourself
  • Forgive Others
  • Ask God for Forgiveness
  • Be Thankful

You must to forgive yourself for all bad or stupid things you did and you said to yourself or to others. Then forget the past. Past is passed. Forgive others and whatever they did or they said to you, too. Then forget the past. Past is passed. It’s very hard, but you can do it. And then final and the most important is: ask God to forgive all bad things you did to yourself and to others. Be sure God will forgive you IMMEDIATELY. The first and the main thing that forgiveness will give you is PEACE! You will have peace in mind and in hearth. Inner peace, soon, will give you outer peace.

If after asking God for forgiveness, you did something bad to yourself or to others again, so you should repeat previous level. You can ask God for forgiveness for million times, and he will forgive you. But, really you want to repeat your mistakes million times and ask million times for forgiveness?!

After this, you should forget the past, and do not dig into it again. But if a thought or memory is bothering you, and time to time it comes to your mind, cut it immediately at arrival, or after few seconds it caught you! Don’t let memories and thoughts play with you, don’t let them to take control of your focus, your mind and your life. In fact, useless memories and thoughts are taking your TIME, and time is your life and your age. Cut them as soon as they entered. Change the atmosphere, focus on divine, on Kundalini, and on the power that you will receive. Turn the negative thoughts or negative memories to the positive future.

This is very important. Why?

You select your friends with common interests. So, if you want to become friend of God, try to gather his qualities and interests! That’s very hard, very very hard, almost impossible! But do your best! God interests means: He is clean, he is beautiful, he has good smell!, he forgives all, he is kind, he loves all, etc.

Be thankful of God, be thankful of whatever you already have. You are alive, so you have life. You are reading this page, so you have two beautiful mysterious eyes, you can read, you can understand. You have a lot, a lot to be thankful of. When you are thankful, Divine will give you more. Believe me. If you give me a cookie, a simple cookie, and if I tell you thank you, it makes you happy, doesn’t?

Kundalini Awakening

Balance Your Character

What’s your Zodiac? Have a look at your Zodiac details, and try to fix and balance your weaknesses and strengths. Yes, zodiac has effect on us! You will understand it completely, later. But also you have this power to change yourself. Although, what is written about you in your Zodiac details, may not 100% accurate.

You know your weaknesses better than anybody else, also you can ask your mother, she knows you good enough!. Or if you wish, you can email some of your friends to write you about your weaknesses and strengths. Though you should not count on what others think about you. But in another hand, it’s a good way to know what and how people saw and see you. You are what you behave, not what you say, nor what you think you are.

Try to balance yourself from your Zodiac details. Balancing is more important than removing whole your negatives or improving only your positives. You should be BALANCED. Later you will understand that negatives at their right place and right time can be worth than positives at wrong place and wrong time (or for wrong persons).

At Zodiac page, you can have a look at your weaknesses and strengths, according to your Zodiac Sign. My dear, that’s not a bull-shit, as I said, you will understand more secrets about universe, soon. You will experience these secrets by your own self.

Waking Up Kundalini Energy

Change Your Society

Let me be very direct and frank with you:

You have to do that! Do not deactivate them, do not hide your profile, nop! Just simply delete them forever! Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, VK, or whatever there you have friends.

There is no any friend at all. If you didn’t understand it yet, then do not try to awake your Kundalini! I told you, I am a direct and frank person. The only true friend whom you can count on and trust in, and tell him/her your secrets, is: your own self, you, yourself. First, God, then yourself.

If lot of people have your mobile number and you have many calls, sms, or notifications, then, change your number and give it only to your relatives, to your parents, to your partner (wife/husband), or to your kinds. That’s all.

Is deleting social networks very hard? So, close this website, and live your digital life.

Stay away from people whom are not in your level. Do not talk about Kundalini to whom they may laugh at you, or make joke about you, or those whom may give you negative feedback. Talk less, as less as possible. Later you will understand the less you talk, the happier and the safer you are! By staying away from ordinary, cheap, and stupid people, and also by talking less, in fact you do not allow anybody and anything fuck your brain and your life.

Brainwashers, stay away from: TVs, News, Serials, Internet Movies, Shows, and whatever is not concerned to Kundalini! Since 2010, I don’t watched TV, and it’s about a year that I stopped visiting news websites. One of the most dangerous brainwashers are religious people, specially radical ones, Muslims, Jewish, and Baptist Christians are very dangerous! I prefer to touch 220v naked electricity rather than having conversation with dangerous radical closed-mind stupid persons. Electricity kills once, but stupid people torture you!

People, Social Networks, Calls, SMSs, Notifications, TVs, News, and so on, everyday are bombarding your brain with absolutely useless information. The information that, knowing or not knowing them, does not matter and does not help you! Do you open your home’s door to anybody? Do you welcome a dirty and useless person to your home? So, why you open your eyes, ears, and your brain’s door to lot of absolute garbage?

Delete that damn social networks and don’t keep them for later. Later you will be a different person.

Talk less and don’t worry what people think about you. Don’t try to explain to everybody what you are doing. Delete your social networks without any announcement!, Just delete them, without any messages such as: “goodbye”, or “I will be back soon”!

Isolate yourself, stay alone for a while, and be with yourself.

How to wake up my kundalini

Trust & Remove Worries

Trust the God, trust the one who created the universe, life, and you, in such adorable details. Trust him and don’t be worry about your future, about money, about payments, about job, about wife/husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, love. Being worry does not help at all. Forget all your worries. Because, as you may know, Kundalini energy is located at the first chakra, and this chakra is related to the Basic Needs and Worries. Be relax, don’t worry at all, trust the divine. This is very important. Until you are worry, it means you don’t believe on and you don’t have trust on the Creator.

Being worry, does not change the situation, just it bothers you!

home temple for meditation

Make a Temple!

Your place is your temple. After cleaning your home and yourself, you need to remove some pictures or status at your home. Rather than those pictures, you can put and hang some signs or symbols related to Kundalini. In Download section, you can find some wallpapers or HQ images to download and print.

You need to buy some natural candles for meditation, which called aromatherapy. They should be natural. Do not buy and use any chemical candles. The best smells are: Pink Lotus Flower, Lavender, Sandal Woods, Ylang Ylang, Pine Tree, Beeswax, Rose, etc. Whatever you use, just be sure they are natural.

Also you need some essential oils, the best are: Pink Lotus Flower, Lavender, Sandal Woods, Ylang Ylang, Pine Tree, Rose, etc. be sure about the quality of them.

The next one is natural incense sticks: Tibetan & Indian are great. Pink Lotus Flower, Lavender, Sandal Woods, Ylang Ylang, Pine Tree, Beeswax, Rose, etc. Do not buy cheap incense sticks, do not buy expensive either! Just buy what your body and your soul likes, when you smell it. Please have a look at Recommended page to see some good shops in Ukraine that provide things for meditation.

If you live in Ukraine, then I can help you with pleasure. I do not sell to you any product. Just I can come with you to recommend you some good products.

foods for Kundalini awakening

Eat Special Foods

What you should not eat and drink:

  • Tap Water (contains Fluoride)
  • Toothpaste
  • Mercury (silver materials for dental filling)
  • Sugar (any, even chocolates (expect dark))
  • Cooking Oils for making food or salads. Instead of oil, try to cook by clean water and steam.
  • Salt
  • White breads
  • All milky products (milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc.)
  • Alcohol (all kind, even wine and beer)
  • All kind of meat (except salmon fish and oyster)
  • Fast foods and street foods
  • Industrial juices or drinks at shops and cafes
  • Colas (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.), and Energizer drinks
  • If you smoke, stop it, or reduce your cigarette nicotine and tar
  • Shisha, hookah,so on.
  • Chewing Gums, Chips, Factory-made chocolates,

Read more about Pineal Gland Poisons

What you should eat and drink:

Some foods are good for detoxifying your body and Pineal Gland, after detoxifying your body, you should keep eating and drinking foods which are good for Kundalini Awakening, for Opening your 3rd eye and Crown Chakra opening.

Kundalini Awakening by Music

Listen to Special Music & Frequencies

Kundalini has direct connection to the music. This mysterious energy loves music. In fact, one of the ways to awake your Kundalini or open your 3rd eye, is by shaking and vibrating the related nerves or bones!

First way: When we speak, our voice makes some vibration and shakes into our body. Words and our voice tone, shakes, vibrates and motivates our brain. Shaking happens at our throat & mouth. Even our teeth can pass these shakes to our brain,  and to our Glands & Chakras.

So, one of the very good ways, is making some noises (in special frequencies) by some special words or by some out of meaning sounds! It happens by yourself, without playing any instrument or listening to any music.

Second way: Our ears have direct connection to our brain, they are very close to the Pineal Gland. Motivating brain and glands by listening to special music, also can awake and motivate Kundalini.

Third way: Making sound (singing) + Playing an music instrument and Listening to what we say and what we play, is the best way.

You should stop listening to any other music which are useless and even poison for our health. Also, some specific frequencies can detoxify your body, as well as some can poison your brain and your body (such as radio waves, mobile waves, trash music, even listening to the bull-shit speech of somebody!, etc.)

Awaken Kundalini

Watch Special Movies and Pictures

First, you should stop watching whatever which is not useful for you, for example News, TVs, bad movies, etc. But there are some very good movies which increase your awareness about Kundalini, Brain, Life, Divine, Universe, etc. As I mentioned before, being aware of these, helps you to wake up your Kundalini. Please visit Media & Download page, to see my recommended resources.

Also, looking at some pictures helps you to imagine and remember where you came from! Looking to special colors, related to each Chakra, helps you to open, balance or expand that Chakra. Looking to the picture of “what you wish to have” or “what you wish to happen”, helps that wish happen faster.

If you look at the picture of the EXACT thing you want, it will help to get the exact thing your ordered.

Kundalini awakening meditation

Sun / Candle Flame / Gold

There are only 3 things which have unique color: Sun, Candle Flame, Gold. Looking at sun radiation, not only will not damage your eyes, but it’s great for your brain. But, do not look at the sun for a long time. In fact, it’s not possible to look at the sun light directly for more than 2 seconds! So, you can look at the sun (directly) with closed eyes. Sunlight will go to your eyes and your brain. Also, you can open your eyes for a second, and then close your eyes, in fact, automatically your eye will be closed. Your body can protect itself without your will. Sunlight at early morning (sunrise) and at sunsets has special magical power and radiation. Try to have a look at sunrise and sunset light. Do not wear sunglasses during sunny days, don’t care about your fashion style!, care about your brain!

The next is candle flame. At your place (the temple you created), fire a candle, at night, when your place is dark. Look at the golden area of the flame, as long as you meditate.

The last one is Gold color. Gold has radiations which is good for our physical health, also, the gold color, is good for opening 3rd eye and Crown Chakra. That’s why all kings, all rich people, all temples, all Muslim holy places, all orthodox churches and also Jewish temples are full of gold. Wear a gold necklace, for example your Zodiac sign or a symbol related to Kundalini. Golden ring is also ok.

The only reason I like Orthodox churches and I visit them time to time, is because there are the most things I need for meditation: Good aromatic candles, gold, and good music and frequencies (prays and bells). Also the atmosphere and pictures there, help me to have high quality vibrations! Though I’m not a Christian, but the best temple for my soul is Ukrainian orthodox churches.

I don’t have good feelings when I visit mosques, or Jewish temples, they are also good, but not for me! Thought I didn’t visit Buddhist and Indian temples yet but I guess Buddhist temples are the best!

The reason I dislike Catholic or Baptist churches, is because there is not any candle, any nice music, any gold, the only thing is there: TALK! They talk too much! Jesus said, Jesus says! And they do opposite of what Jesus said!

I don’t want and I don’t need to listen to what Jesus said, because I can be a Jesus too. All of us we can do what Jesus did.

imaginations law of attraction


Imaginations are the best way to connect to the Divine. If you imagine that such energy does exist into your body, it helps you to awake your Kundalini. Imagine colors of each Chakra. Imagine a golden-huge, soft, beautiful and scary cloud (which is the Holy Spirit!) is above your head, at sky, far far away, but close to you!, and from this cloud, a golden-white light is radiating to the center of your head, and from the center of your head it goes into to your body, directly from your backbone.

Holy Spirit Divine God
Holy Spirit - Divine

“Imagining”, is not Fooling yourself. And what happen to you after imagining is not because you imagined that! Imagining is one of the very mysterious ways to connect to the Divine, to send information or wishes, and to receive info and what you requested. If you imagine the EXACT thing you want, it will help to get the exact thing you’ve imagined.

waking up Kundalini Power


Talking with your Kundalini, will awake it. I have no any logical reason for that. Why it happens, I don’t know yet. You can talk to the Divine. Ask her whatever you want, tell her whatever you want. From forgiveness to admiring her or asking her to give you something. She listens and she sees. Because a drop of the Holy Spirit is inside you. That drop knows how to make connection to the Divine.

Later on, you understand and you get this magical ability and power to talk and listen to other persons too, without speaking to them, and even if they are far away from your physical location! Such thing does exist and it’s not fairy-tale!

If you say the EXACT thing you want, it will help to get the exact thing your asked.

For example, if you want money, you should say how much exactly you want, when you want it, for what you want it, what you will do with that money?

A secret: Imagine you already have that money and you already bought whatever you wanted to buy with that money. Add some more feelings to your imaginations, see yourself as a happy person because of having whatever you wanted, enjoy of the things you asked. Have this imagination every day, two times per day, for minimum 40 days. Imagine you have what you wanted to have. That’s a magic that I don’t know how it works! but it works.


Make a strong decision, and start it. Don’t allow, anybody, negative persons (which are a lot), your own negative thoughts, and the negative energy around us, change your decision. Don’t become disappointed, trust on divine. Good luck and may God bless you.

When you start walking at this way, to connect to the Divine, for million times you will become disappointed, this is what negative energy does to change your way from God to the Hell we are now in. To keep you fool and stupid. Don’t be worry, it happened to me too (and honestly, still is happening to me sometimes). You can, always, ask for forgiveness, and comeback to the Divine’s way.

If someone tell me: right now, I will give you $100 million in cash, + a large luxury house in north-west Vancouver + 3 luxury cars, + 7 damn beautiful and sexy virgin! girls, BUT, I will take this energy inside you, my answer is: go fuck yourself!


Kundalini awakening without a master helps, can be dangerous for your physical and mental health. This energy has such power to break your neck and kill you if you don’t know how to deal with it. Or it can damage your brain, if you don’t know how to control the nervous shocks. Do not do it alone or without someone’s helps, someone who already waked up his/her Kundalini energy and has enough experiences. Please take this warning seriously.

Awaken Kundalini