Allah & Halleluiah

Allah & Halleluiah

The secrets about AllAh, Halleluiah and Kundalini AH chant.

AllAh Halleluiah Kundalini AH chant
AllAh & Halleluiah are Kundalini AH chant

In another article, secret names of God, I explained that AH and HA are common words in God names in all religions and ancient civilizations. Also I explained that AH is the chant for Crown chakra, in Kundalini meditation. In this article I would like to talk more about God name in Islam, which is Allah.

No need to tell you that Allah was a God in Arabia, before Mohammed and Islam, the simple reason is: Mohammed’s father name was Abdo Allah, means Allah Worshipper.

In Arabic language, AL is similar to THE in English language. For example:
Alketab (Al Ketab), means The Book; Alnesa’ (Al Nesa’) means The Women, Alasrar (Al Asrar) means The Secrets; etc. So, Al Lah, means The LAH, in fact it is referring to the Kundalini AH chant, but why there is another L? AL LAH.

The second L before AH is good for opening your crown chakra, during chanting AH, you can touch the roof of your mouth by your tongue, the way you suppose want to pronounce L. This LAH is in Christianity too: Halleluiah, HAL leluia

So, both LAH and HAL are good for crown chakra chanting. There are minimal differences, same as AH and HA. Both are correct, because when it happens (saying the true AH) you can not recognize which one you pronounced, you pronounced AH or HA, that’s why from my opinion, AHA is the better chant!

Same difference between LAH and HAL, both are correct. You can touch roof of your mouth before saying AH or after saying HA!

AllAh Halleluiah Kundalini AH chant
Kundalini AH+L chanting

Just I want to prove that all these bullshits religions are talking about one subject, which is the Kundalini Energy.

By the way, the hardest part for me was spending my time and my life to pull out, decoding and elicit all secrets from these shits and purifying them for you to read and understand it as 1-2-3!

From my personal view, chanting HA or AH or other chants for other chakras, are nothing but making your head warmer, by your own breaths, also you make some vibrations to attract and active different parts of your brain. The same as touching your mouth by your tongue, there should be some nerves or something that attract and active parts of our brain. So, these words or chants are just for activating our brain, not to communicate to God! I repeat again: it is my personal opinion.

Saying and chanting Allah or Halleluiah are great chant for activating your brain, and please don’t care about Mohammed or Jesus! Do your own job, you will get the result. You can just say AAAHHH and then hit your mouth, the way I explained bore and the way you see on image.

Slowly take a deep breath by your nose, it make your breath warmer. Then chant AAAHHH, very slowly. You should warm your mouth’s roof, by your breath. At the end, touch your mouth by your tongue, suppose you want pronounce L.

My own experience in 3rd eye and crown chakra opening tells me that AAAHHH and OOOMMM happen when nervous shocks (Kundalini Energy) try to active my brain. I hear OOOMMM or UUUMMM inside my head, and I say AAAHHH when this energy or something else is going out of my mouth, and both of these acts are absolutely out of my will and out of my control.

Or maybe chanting AH and OM makes some vibrations and frequencies, which are the same frequencies of universe and divine. Maybe chanting is tuning our self with divine’s frequency!

That’s all! All this 12000 years wars and kills and deaths, was because THIS FUCKING AH! And you should not be worry about me and my language, the way I talk to God! In fact, God itself is responsible for all these!

If I had power, I would destroy all temples, mosques, and churches and I would make them Public W.C. Then they would be more useful for humanity! In another article, I will explain to you, how churches and mosques are using people’s mind power, for getting whatever they want, not whatever people want. Yeh babe, that’s Religious Slavery.

There are lot of secrets that you will also discover by yourself, after your Kundalini Awaken. Also, I can not write everything I experienced, because I need to show you (by video, or face to face), how to do things! I hope soon, I start making some videos.