How to open your 3rd eye

How to open your 3rd eye

3rd eye Opening

Kundalini Pineal Gland 3rd eye opening
imagine the location of your Pineal gland while you are meditating for 3rd eye opening

A 3rd eye opened, will give you some or all of these powers: Wisdom, Psychic Awareness, Insight, Clear Intuitive Visions and Messages, Consciousness, Telepathy, Mind Reading, Dreams, etc.

For opening your 3rd eye or 6th chakra, first you should detoxify your Pineal gland. In another article I explained about Pineal gland poisons and how to detoxify the Pineal gland. Please read the related articles. Also, by awakening Kundalini energy, automatically your third eye opening process will start.

3rd eye opening is a long process, it takes time. So, if you think Pineal gland activating or third eye opening is a one night action, you are wrong. It can take several months to several years. Depends how serious you are and how you can keep your Pineal gland clean, and how often you do your meditations.

I suggest you to stay away from society for a while, isolate yourself and your place, keep your Kundalini diet and keep doing your Pineal gland detoxifying. Eat and drink natural foods which are good for 3rd eye opening. Try to have at least 24 hours fast, per week. And if you can, try to have fast for 3 to 5 days in row. It’s hard, but if you try and practice, you can have even 7 days fast.

Here, when I talk about 24, 3 or 5 days fasting, it means not eating and drinking at all. If you want to open your third eye in a very short time, you should have a 40 days fast! Yep, 40 days not eating and drinking at all. By doing 40 days fast, not only you will open your 3rd eye, but your crown chakra will also be opened.

As you may know, just few people opened they crown chakra fully, some of them are Jesus and Mohammed. So, you can imagine what power you will receive! 3rd eye opening requires just a very strong will. Divine blesses us, based on what we Ask and how serious and Patient we are.

indigo color 3rd eye opening
indigo color for 3rd eye opening

Here I’m going to explain you how to open your 3rd eye without hard dry fasting:

  • Ask Divine for forgiveness, to forgive all bad you did to others and all bad others did to you.
  • Pray to Divine (God) to bless you and open your third eye
  • During your prays, imagine the exact location of your Pineal gland, inside your head.
  • During meditations and prays, imagine your 3rd eye is opening slowly slowly.
  • Use lavender oil in your forehead, between your eyebrow and above. Also, burn lavender stick or any other smells related to the 6th chakra
  • Look at 3rd eye pictures, image and photos.
  • During meditation, imagine the 3rd eye color, which is indigo.
  • Talk to your Pineal gland! Ask it to open! You can talk to all your chakras, as well as you can talk to every single part of your body, even to your cells!
  • If your Kundalini energy is awakened, then also talk to her and ask her to open your 3rd
  • Direct your Kundalini energy into your 3rd eye, rather than other chakras, it is absolutely in your hand, you can direct the Kundalini energy to any chakra you want to.
  • Eat date and drink lavender tea for 30 days. Or coconut and lavender tea.
  • Listen to related music and frequencies for 3rd eye opening, which is 852hz
  • Stay away from stupid people, brain washers, and social networks
  • If you can, have a 30 days camp in nature, mountains, sea side, near lake, etc. Touch trees, greens, flowers, animals, stones, etc. by your left hand.*
  • Be kind, forgive and forget, love all people and things.
  • Look at the sun rays, look at the sun directly without using sunglasses. Don’t be worry, sun will not hurt your eye. Do it at least 2 times per day, early morning (sunrise) and evening time (sunset). If you can wake up 30 minutes before sunrise and pray and meditate.
  • Keep your faith, have a strong will, and believe that it will happen, you deserve it.
  • Think and imagine than your 3rd eye is already opened, now imagine you are helping others by your power. Others, means, first yourself and your own family, then close relatives, then friends and people around you in your society, and then others. Your job is not to save the world! But people around yourself.
  • Meditate and pray every day, stay in your diet, no matter how long it may takes.
  • Related stones for 6th chakra are: Amethyst, Moonstone, Sugilite

* Your left hand takes energy of other things, and by your right hand you can give your energy to others. In general, left side of your body is receiver and right side of body is giver.

God bless you

Sugilite Amethyst Moonstone 3rd eye opening
Sugilite, Amethyst, Moonstone, for 3rd eye opening

3rd eye opening